Words with enemies

In his State of the Union address, Barack Obama used the word investment about 15 times. Substitute the word investment for tax, because that is what he is doing. Anything he determines is an investment is actually taxing the American people, because that is where the investments come from, tax dollars.

Giddy up

I am not sure why there is such a big fuss about horse meat being fed to people. At one point in time it was considered a delicacy. Personally, I could use a little bit more of a giddy up in my hitch. Frog's take: Really?

Tossed out

According to the standards that Bridy and Clausi just put in to place for the commissioners' meetings, Vinny is going to get thrown out of every meeting.

Stick it

Once again I see the Shamokin-Coal Township Sewer Authority is sticking it to the citizens in the area. Now it is another $22 million? This is a money pit. When is it going to stop, and when are our sewer board people going to come clean and tell us what the true cost is? Frog's take: Didn't you get what they're saying? It's an unfunded mandate and they have no money to pay for it because they don't want to raise the rates any higher. See below.

River of money

I see the federal government issued an unfunded mandate to the Shamokin-Coal Township Sewer Authority to reduce the pollutants from reaching the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay. The only thing they are reducing are people's paychecks and checking accounts. The federal government is ridiculous. How can they mandate municipalities to do something and not give them any money?

Hit and run

This is for the person who hit my friend's car on the 1500 block of Pine Street on Wednesday night and didn't stop. She actually has a job and needs that car to get to work. Obviously, you don't have a conscience.

Struck down

I think I can say I am speaking for all the senior citizens in Pennsylvania when I say thank you to the attorney general for shooting down the Lottery contract.

One less bill

This is in regards to "Missing mail." Nobody really cares about Saturdays. It is just a day that you won't get a bill.

Hot dog

Jenna, once again you had a great column, this one on old-fashioned Valentine's cards. What could be more romantic than taking your false teeth out and laying them on the night stand at night? You really seem like a girl who has a good sense of humor. Happy Valentine's Day. Frog's take: Her sense of humor is almost as good as mine. Almost.

Common sense

Some common sense for pedestrians in Kulpmont: Don't step off the curb into the cross walk when a vehicle is 25 feet away. State law is to stop for pedestrians already in the crosswalk. It is not a stop sign or a red light.

Means to an end

I saw in your paper that the sewer authority is struggling to find the funds for that combined sewer overflow project. They shouldn't do it at all if the government doesn't provide the money. Municipalities have no means of raising that kind of capital and such an unfunded mandate is ridiculous. All the municipalities should get together and collectively sue the federal and state government to stop this ridiculous mandate.

Cut rate

If the Republican Congress wants cuts, why doesn't Congress take a pay cut?