Up and down

I am calling to thank the students from Northwestern Academy who came to Kulpmont and shoveled the sidewalks up and down the streets. It was greatly appreciated.

Snow blind

I am getting tired of my neighbors throwing snow out in the middle of the street after the plow comes through. The plow isn't going to come up on Franklin Street if he keeps this up.

Push it

I would like to give a big thank you to the young man who, without hesitation, pushed my car when it was stuck in the snow on Third Street. I would like to add another thumbs-up to the youth of our area.

Captain planet

To my like-minded environmental callers: Do not despair. Waste none of your energy trying to reason with the unreasonable. It is not necessary. There is a worldwide effort toward energy efficiency, recycling and reducing carbon emissions. We all will continue to do whatever we can to protect the planet and vote for those who have the same commitment. Be proactive and leave the naysayers behind.

No cheering

Why is Gary Haddock clapping at Mr. Bartos resignation? The controller's job is taxpayer watchdog. He watches where the money comes from and where it goes. If Bartos or council have squandered, misappropriated or used money in any such way, wasn't it his job to tell us?

Park this

While some people are in their nice, warm, cozy houses and other people are out in the bitter cold snow and wind shoveling their parking space and sidewalk, they have every right to ask someone not to park there. If you don't have a shovel, ask to borrow one. If you want a clean parking space, get off your lazy butt and shovel one.


In regards to the city's financial dilemma, if I were the lending agency and I read in the newspaper that they could not afford $5,000 for rock salt for the streets, but they can consider bringing back two officers, I would never approve a loan for $800,000. This is ridiculous.

Blue collar

When a blue collar worker confronts Obama over the harm Obamacare did to his job status, Obama changes the subject. How convenient.

Stamp collectors

How many Republicans receive food stamps?

Return to sender

The people from Locust Gap want to keep their post office. Either find us another post office or give us home delivery like everyone else in the area.

Analyze this

When ESPN tried unsuccessfully for two years to create a controversy with guest analysts that the powerhouse Alabama college football teams could win playing the professional Jacksonville Jaguars, it wasn't even debatable. Florida State played the 67th toughest schedule in college and needed a second half rally to beat Auburn after being completely dominated in the first half.

Soda jerks

I would like to voice my opinion on the Super Bowl ad with the song "America, the Beautiful" sung in different languages. That was absolutely absurd. That song was written in English to be sung in English. I thought it was horrible. Everybody else I talked to thought it was horrible. Frog's take: What is absolutely absurd is that people are actually upset with this commercial. It was a commercial for soda, for crying out loud! Methinks you and your friends should wake up and get upset over something a little more worthwhile.

Animal abuse

I read Walter Brasch's column in the Sunday News-Item. The fines for animal abuse should be increased to $1,000 and up, and jail time for the second offense.


The Super Bowl turned out to be the disappointing bowl. Some people think the fix was on. I turned it off when it was 22-0.

Damage Inc.

Frog, this throwing snow against buildings in Kulpmont has been going on for years. I guess you think it is OK for PennDOT to damage property?

Theory of relativity

I guess you can tell when a TV show makes it when an entire molasses joke from the "Big Bang Theory" shows up in Sound Off. I guess that is how you hit it big. "Big Bang" is big time. Frog's take: Never saw the show. I had no idea that is where it was from.