Doesn't the council in Kulpmont understand the public? They don't want a new building. Who are they working for?

Where's Steve?

Where is Mr. Bartos? That shoulder has to be better by now. We need some information from him. The council in Shamokin should stop his pay until he comes back to work.

That old chestnut

With his popularity collapsing around him, Barack Obama used his State of the Union address to fall back on his old standard: class warfare. Rich against poor, men against woman, black against white - and the liberal media continues to spout the rhetoric for him.

Call to arms

This goes to all area veterans: Everyday we are losing World War II veterans, Korean War veterans and Vietnam veterans. Plain and simple, we are losing veterans every day. Your community needs you; our ranks are growing thin. Even though it has been more than 30 years, I still serve my division motto: No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great. Duty first. Serving the community is still serving your country. Lend a hand, guys.

Trapped under ice

Who are these rocket scientists who came up with the idea of global warming? They are nuts. I think we are heading into another ice age.

No stupid questions

I, too, am disappointed the city of Shamokin is spending tax dollars to clarify its financial state. Is that not what the city clerk's job description dictates? It is widely known that two groups of officials were present at city hall the last four years. Those who did not ask financial questions and those who did. If you did not ask questions, you should have resigned from office. If you were in the group that asked questions, you were then told it was none of your business.


The reason the former Kmart building was bought was, again, a tax shelter. Lowes and Home Depot both have multiple store locations within 25 miles of that former department store. With logistics like that, a new store locating there was never a reality, sadly just an investor's smoke screen.


In the story of Pinocchio, every time he lied his nose would grow. Have you looked at Obama's ears lately?

Speech uplifting

The State of the Union speech was uplifting and hopeful, but the do-nothing Congress has already decided they will not cooperate with any of the initiatives. No wonder their approval rating is 9 percent.

Left behind

How sad that there are still so many callers who do not understand the concept of climate change and that it encompasses weather extremes both cold and warm. The solution to this misinformation is the ongoing education of the young. This society will move forward, leaving the rest behind.

Twice shy

I just saw the postmaster from Mount Carmel taking all the stuff out of the Locust Gap post office. Can somebody tell me what is going on? Frog's take: It was in The News-Item two days in a row. It is believed that pipes burst because of the extreme cold, ruining equipment. The post office is supposed to reopen as soon as things are repaired.