Little guy

I work for minimum wage and my landlord gives me a break on everything. He already told me that if he has to pay extra, my rent is going up. Thank you, councilman. They always hit the little guy.

Lynch the landlord

I can't believe this councilman in Mount Carmel. Doesn't he have any common sense? The landlord is going to whack it to the renter. The poor guy. What is the matter with him? Wait until next election.

Name game

Sound Off, if you are a fair and balanced newspaper you will put this in. MCA, it's the same game. The name game.

Got your back

This is in response to the new proposed fee for landlords in Mount Carmel Borough. Thank you, Joe, for having the guts to reduce the slum lords and slum tenants in Mount Carmel. I hope other councilmen have your back. We need everyone's help to take our town back.

Step inside

(Thank you) to the owner of the pizza shop by the bus stop in town for allowing people to stand inside away from the cold weather while waiting for the LATS bus. I am grateful.

Too bad

It is too bad the City of Shamokin didn't go bankrupt and have the state move in. That way, they would have lost all their free benefits on city council. They would have put a stop to all these raises and this nonsense going on around city hall.

Winter sports

Now that all the local teams have been eliminated and the football season is over, I hope this means The News-Item will start covering winter sports like basketball and wrestling just as extensively and with the same journalistic intensity. This subscriber will be watching.

Outrageous billing

I agree with the caller about Geisinger Health System. I had a procedure done by Shamokin Hospital and several months later after Geisinger took over, they did it under their direction and billing. Their billing was outrageous compared to Shamokin and it was the same procedure. I will not go to Geisinger for anything.

Fool's gold

I am calling about the moron who posted 'not so hot' in Sound Off. I would just like to say you are a fool.

Thank a soldier

I am calling to say thank for the military address that was in Friday's paper. Please continue to advise your readers to send in any other names and addresses in the military for our soldiers overseas.

Spare us

It appears that McCain and Graham are turning a tragedy into a witch hunt. If only these same men had been as diligent about investigating the validity of weapons of mass destruction we could have been spared the Iraq War.

Billed to death

I pity all the people with these outrageous Geisinger bills. There is a young girl on your staff that is good at writing about such issues. I wish she would write a story on this over billing of Geisinger. Yes, they are buying real estate and over billing patients, but how can we keep up and keep affording this? We need somebody to help us.