Against us

If we pay ransom, no traveler will ever be safe and we will be funding the terror against us with our own money.

Fast food holes

When is Shamokin going to repave the potholes behind Wendy's? That is what I would like to know.

Place for disgrace

The Barbour second degree plea bargain is nothing short of a disgrace. Those two slimebags committed cold-blooded, premeditated murder and should be executed. No wonder the criminal justice system in this country is so rotten. How can these lawyers live with themselves? There ought to be a public outcry against the travesty.

Full bars of safety

It will be wonderful to have full bars in Mount Carmel for our safety. To be able to make a 911 call from anywhere in town will make Mount Carmel a safer place as well as improving our communications between fireman, ambulances, police, fire police and all emergency services. Well done Verizon for making our town a little bit safer.

Send to Den Mar

The borough isn't getting any money for the Verizon tower. All it will do is hurt the people living in Mount Carmel. Why isn't this a no-brainer for the council? Let the owner of the building put it on top of his house in Den Mar Gardens. There is no reason to put a cell tower in a residential area.

Shoulda, woulda

I can hear it coming already: The Big Red faithful putting the team down whether they win or lose Saturday morning. "They should have done this, they should have done that." Never saw so many armchair coaches in my life. No wonder I don't go to the games anymore. They are kids. The players and coaches want to win just as much as the fans do and even more then they do. You could have Chuck Noll out there coaching (if he was alive) and they still would put him down about his play calling.

Shoot the breeze

I agree with the caller who said Tom McCarthy of the Phillies is a poor broadcaster. It seems he wants to shoot the breeze with the former Phillies players who are his color analysts rather than do the play by play.

Heal the divide

Obama announced that Al Sharpton is going to be his special envoy to Ferguson, Mo. Isn't that special? You would think a president with a white mother would not always be taking the side of the African Americans, but would try to heal the racial divide.

No brainer

This is about the teacher's aide who is upset she lost her job for having sex with a student. What did she think would happen?