Banner day

Oh, how I love "assistance day" in Shamokin. I'm at work during the day. I can't go for my groceries then. By the time I can go at night, the shelves are empty for me as well as others who have to/choose to work. Just love it!

Take a walk

One hundred thousand dollars for a pedestrian bridge is crazy when nobody walks anymore. Walkways like these were needed when Shamokin was a growing city and everybody walked places. It is not 1942 anymore, everybody drives. Our town is dying, so this bridge will not be needed. FEMA funds are not free; it is tax money. Just walk a few extra blocks, it is good for you.

Streets of rage

This is for the chicken politicians who want police at the meetings. I think the police are better off on the streets instead of protecting them. If they are so scared of people, then don't run for office.

Hang man

Hang your head in shame, Glenn Beck.

Just got paid

That is nice that Mr. Bartos was able to find money to pay his wife for an incomplete job when vendors that supply the city sometimes have to wait two to six months to get paid and sometimes our bills aren't even that high.

Honk if...

I saw a bumper sticker that says "I am with the NRA and I vote." Well, I am going to get one, too. It is going to say " I am not with the NRA and I vote, too. You're vote: canceled." Frog's take: It is best to avoid idiotic bumper stickers altogether.


Well, the first week of doubles in football are over. Scrimmages are here, and I still don't have my "Carmie's Army" T-shirt. I am so disappointed. I really want a Carmie's Army T-Shirt. Go Big Red! Frog's take: Then head on over to Academy Sports and have one made for yourself.

Pitch perfect

I would like to just make a comment. I think Steve Bartos needs to find a new career as a salesperson, because he threw one heck of a sales pitch to the City of Shamokin's council. Not only did he get a $9,000 raise in one year, his wife receives $2,500 for a grant that she failed to submit in a timely manner. Anyone with half a brain can follow simple instructions and submit paperwork for a grant.

Take a walk

I am just calling about spending $12,500 to replace a walking bridge. Come on, people, what is the matter? Can't they walk half a block and walk down the street? They don't need a walking bridge across the creek. There are plenty of streets that cross it.

Prehistoric dog

In response to "dog dummies": I don't know who they are or where they are, but it seems common sense would say that if a caller is ready to call the police, they are obviously not controlling their dogs in the middle of the night. The comment about being in their home 50 years just proves their ignorance. I am glad I don't live around them, and God bless those who do.

Pining away

This is about Pine Street again. The township still didn't come up to pave my street. I was just wondering if they ran out of money or if they just forgot about us. Could somebody please tell me.


I think the Mount Carmel mayor needs to take another walk around town to look for high weeds and grass. Some people that I know got citations. They cut the grass when they got the citation but they haven't been cut since. The grass and weeds are much higher than they were in June.

Lost souls

Having just lost a family member to drug addiction, I just wanted to put out there that there is a massive problem in this area. I hope and pray that anyone else out there who has a family member struggling doesn't ever have to endure the loss and pain that we are dealing with now. To you drug dealers out there pushing this poison, if even one of you can look and remember that you are stealing a soul from somebody and you are taking someone from a family. You are taking people away, and we can never get them back.