Secret squirrel

King Coal inflated the numbers and that's fraud, a criminal offense. Now Mr. Matulewicz admits that the borough has a $320,000 secret fund squirreled away that's from LATS money paid by the state during the period the bus company was cooking the books. It should be returned. Sounds like the borough's as corrupt as the bus company, so they need to be investigated, too.

Dig that hole

It's so easy to spot people who think they know it all; just look at everybody on Kulpmont Borough Council. Instead of moving the town forward, they hit rock bottom and keep digging.

All guns blazing

Congratulations to Tom Marino for confronting and blasting that plastic-faced California clown. Obviously, she can't handle the truth. Go Tom, go. Stick to your guns and never apologize.

Big trouble

So Kym Best sued the county for $70,000. I'd sue the county, too, if Vinny Clausi was giving me trouble.

Silent service

A question to the Kulpmont council and mayor: How come any other council members didn't give their opinion? What about you. Mr. Mayor?

Quick reminder

Frog, some of these local yokels need to be reminded that Palestine kidnapped and murdered three young Israeli men, one being a U.S. citizen and retaliation from Israel. There won't be any do-nothing Benghazis with Israel.


This is for "free for all." I guess you weren't born when Reagan gave amnesty to all the Haitians and all the illegals back then. By your thinking, I guess they all turned out to be Republicans.

Toast to the extras

Almost every time President Obama gives a speech or news conference, there is a load of people standing behind him and smiling. Who are these people? Why are they there? What is their purpose? Enlighten me, please.

Weapons check

Kulpmont is getting totally crazy with the councilmen and mayor. I think the residents of Kulpmont should be required to check their weapons with the authorities as soon as the enter town. I don't think anyone in that town is sane enough to carry a weapon.

Big improvement

If Kulpmont wants to solve its municipal building dilemma, it should get rid of its entire borough council. That clique has been in office too long. New blood that cares about the good of the town and its people, not themselves, would be a big improvement.


Hey Jenna, that was a great job that you did on those two pieces you refinished. You are an inspiration to do-it-yourself people like me.

Puddle jumper

Here is one for all of you greenies to think about. South Africa is building nine coal-fired power plants and Germany is building three. How are we doing on this side of the pond?

Too late

Everyone should really see the movie "America." It is a wonderful movie all about America and how people are trying to destroy it. People, get out there and see what is going on before it is too late.

Two sided

The caller complaining about too much press for Penn State must be from Southern Columbia because that's all you see in The News-Item.

Shape I'm in

I attended the most recent Kulpmont Borough council meeting, and it was hilarious. It was entertainment of the finest kind. Particularly watching Mr. Chesney grandstanding in front of everybody and the responses made by Mr. Bruno Varano. No wonder Kulpmont is in the shape it is in, when you have a demagog and a buffoon trying to run things.

Meddling kids

Once again we see that Thea Tafner has taken advantage of the state and is not paying back the millions of dollars she has embezzled from the citizens of Mount Carmel. She has gotten away and she is free.

Trust buster

Trust is wonderful. First, we trust Thea Tafner to run the ambulance association business and this happens. Then, we trust the judge to give her a fair sentence, and she winds up with the very minimum sentence and she is out. Then, we trust that she would pay at least the portion of the millions of dollars that she embezzled back. Now, she is not even paying them. What is happening with these people that can get away with it?


If it wasn't for the United States and Great Britain, there wouldn't even be an Israel. Israelis are God's chosen people, huh? What kind of god has a chosen people like somebody is better than somebody else?