Flu vaccine

People are terrified of the Ebola virus when, in reality, more people die each year from the flu, for which there is a vaccine. People foolishly choose to ignore getting it. Go figure.

The playground

Why is the Shamokin Street playground not locked up at night? I walked by this morning and the gate was opened. It wasn't even 5 a.m. Let's not get complacent here, or you know what's going to happen.

It's everywhere

I am replying to the reference about all the drugs in Marion Heights. Cops have been called in Mount Carmel for people selling and dealing drugs. So, it should be all about Mount Carmel and Marion Heights, one place.

Keys in car

I see in the newspaper that two cars were stolen with the keys left in them. What we should do is not only fine the thieves, but fine the people for letting their keys in the cars. I think they're stupid.

Mine fire

I see there is an underground mine fire burning near the Pittsburgh International Airport. I wonder if that is going to travel to Centralia.

Doesn't compute

I cannot comprehend how Apartments and Acquisitions can owe $70,000 to Northumberland County and still continue to operate. Laws need to be changed to prevent this. They should be denied all services paid for by taxpayers.


I see where Vinny Clausi has more puppets on a string. Ann Targonski, I thought you were a leader, not a follower. Shame on you.

More fly ash?

The DEP and PUC are the best smokescreen act ever seen by the public, controlled by the governor all the way down to local officials. There have been lobbyists in Harrisburg for years to reclassify fly ash and raise the hazmat regulations, only to be thwarted by Big Coal's money and influence.

Far away

Mount Carmel sounds far away when you use it in the same sentence as Burnside. Someone should call PPL and tell them the unlined Burnside fly ash pit has been doing business every day and has been for five years.


I feel total compassion and fear for the poor folks in Lavelle. I, too, have been forced to live on the foothills of a mountain that is being contaminated every day with hundreds of tons of fly ash. And that's right here in Shamokin.

Yard sale overlords

Mount Carmel Township's proposed ordinance requiring residents hosting more than two yard sales within a calendar year to pay a $5 permit fee doesn't say who's going to keep count of every yard sale during the year. So how will they know who already had two yard sales unless they have somebody riding around the entire township every day looking, counting and documenting peoples' names, dates and addresses? Otherwise it's unenforceable.