Fifteen minutes

I hope Chief Kessler is happy with his 15 minutes of fame. I also hope he realizes that loose cannons only further the cause for gun control.

Keep it up

Kudos to you, Vinny. Keep your nose wherever you need to put it because there is politics at play in Shamokin. There is a reason they don't want you digging into their stash because they don't want you to uncover something that is wrong.

Streets of rage

Why doesn't the news media get off of that Gilberton police chief? That is all we hear about. He used profanity. Boo hoo! Has anybody been on the streets in the last 10 years? They are just everyday words anymore.

Happy birthday

Title XIV of the Social Security Act - Medicaid - recently celebrated its 48th anniversary. Since President Johnson, a Democrat, signed this law, it has been expanded, cut, reformed and changed. Obamacare has now reformed payments to providers, cut wasteful subsidies to private insurance companies and provided seniors with new or improved benefits, and is closing the prescription drug hole, which is expensive to seniors. Republicans opposed the program 48 years ago and now, for the 40th time, attempted to repeal Obamacare.

Hot heads

One of the most important roles of a police officer is to be able to defuse hostile situations. The officer has to have the coolest of heads. Would that standard apply to the Gilberton chief?

Vacation time

Next week, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives begin their August recess, a vacation. Recently, no important pieces of legislation have been passed and been sent to President Obama. So many issues remain unresolved - spending and budget concerns, border issues, etc. Why do we allow this to happen?

Take the oil

Obama just said he is against the Keystone Pipeline because of the carbon pollution. What an idiotic statement. If that same oil doesn't come to us, it will go to other countries. Do you think Russia or China or any other countries around the world are going to refuse that oil? Maybe the anointed one can stop the pollution from volcanoes.

Gilberton chief

Your article on the Gilberton police chief contained a lot of input from people who were against the chief, yet not a word of commentary in support of the chief, in spite of the fact that there were many there who supported him. Your reporter was a little one-sided on this issue.

Great work

I was wondering who was responsible for bringing all the young people into town to do all the good work they did. I'd like to give them a special thank you. I would have liked to donate to the cause, but I didn't know who was in charge. Frog's take: We had reported back in February that the visit was cosponsored by the Northumberland County Area Agency on Aging and the City of Shamokin, with support from Central Susquehanna Opportunities.

Hang in there

I am calling the person who called about the Mount Carmel Junior Baseball League. He was right. We do need to stand in there, not worry about the BS.

Old fuel

We found a very nice new vein of coal. Great! What good will it do us? Barack Obama wants to do away with anything associated with coal mining.

What if?

If Chief Kessler was a minority, would this same problem be going on as long as it has? That's all I have to say.

Not ready

How come the AOAA has all these events they are ready for, but when it comes to the locals, they aren't ready yet? We got it shoved down our throats. Now the locals can't use it, but everybody else can. Frog's take: Our understanding is that they don't want to open it up to individual, on-your-own, go-anywhere riding, whether by locals or others, until all areas are prepared. When a group comes in, they can control exactly where they're riding.