Good memory

So now it's Mr. Clausi's turn to call for a prison in Brush Valley. I'd like to remind him that all the reasons it failed before - environmental damage, better sites, cost and questionable claims about the needs and benefits - still exist. And so does the opposition.

Devils in the mist

The problem is not politics per se; it's the individuals in the rotundas of our capitols, the evil in those legislative houses, those wearing business suits in today's world, hiding behind pinstripes, smiling away, prioritizing their personal and party's agenda while telling their constituents they are concerned about "the common good."

Girl power

When Hillary runs and 93 percent of women vote for her, she will win.

Lord of this world

People who are homosexual are God's children and made in the image and likeness of God. They must stop doing what they are doing. When you act on it, it becomes a mortal, grievous sin. God will forgive you when you go to confession and repent. You must remain chaste, which means virtuous, the rest of your life. When you are in mortal sin, the devil is the lord of your soul. The Holy Spirit gives us the power to be transformed into Jesus.

Issues for all

I was calling in response to "Many issues." I wanted to tell you that you are right. Gays and lesbians have many issues and most are due to the fact that they are not treated equally in society. So, yes, they have issues, just like straight people.

One of many

This is in response to "Adam and Steve." They claimed that God is probably not happy with Jenna Wasakoski right now. She had the guts to stand up for somebody else even though she is not gay herself. That is more than I can say for most people. As far as your God is concerned, well, that is your God. Your religion is one of many in this whole world. God has many faces, and you need to learn that. Just because you believe a certain thing doesn't make it right.

Trip to remember

I will explain about my visit to a gay parade. Our daughter was working in Boston so we planned a fun weekend to see the sights and got there late Friday. Saturday morning we got a big surprise; we found out it was gay pride weekend. Two hundred thousand gays and lesbians in town. We started our guided tour and ran into the gay pride parade. Gays and lesbians in every kind of sick, perverted outfit. Frog's take: Sounds like a set-up for a National Lampoon movie.

The other cheek

As far as the lawsuits and care at the prison, the commissioners are looking the other way. They don't want to get involved if they don't have to, but they know something is wrong. As far as a new prison, tell Vinny Clausi to pay for it, not the taxpayers. He must be nuts.

Not our problem

Northumberland County has no business building a 600-bed prison. We don't need to be in the prisoner business just as we did not need to be in the nursing home business. That is not our problem.

All we need

That is all we need in the Shamokin Area - another prison and $60 million debt. Plus, they say it could become self-sustaining by housing prisoners from out of the county, including undocumented immigrants. Prisons bring unwanted people to the area; the only jobs that would increase would be for police protection.