Friendly reminder

Remember, to get Obamacare, you need a photo ID. Just a friendly reminder.

Need to know

Regarding police contract proposals, I need to know the average pension received by local police to determine if it is adequate. Transparency, please. I trust council and the mayor will be the watchdogs.

Not truthful

I think the mayor and the city chief of police Griffiths are not being truthful.

Gov't mule

Did you know the people of Alaska every year get checks from the government for the oil produced there? Why can't the people of Pennsylvania get a check every year for the gas produced here?

Missed already

Well, Griffiths, you were a good chief and a good cop. You are going to be missed. Good luck to you, mayor; you are letting a good cop go.

No free ride

This is in response to "free lunch" in Sound Off. I have been a teacher in the Mount Carmel Area School District for almost 20 years and I can say that I have always paid to get into all of the sporting events. Even when my own children were participating, I would buy a V.I.P. and support the school district. So, teachers do not get in for free.

Senseless, silly

The things people in this area get excited about are amazing. Instead of major problems, they worry about a missing circular. Where were you people food-shopping if you boycotted Weis? At all of the other stores who also don't publish a circular in the paper? The whole thing was senseless and silly.

Piece of history

The bleachers in Mount Carmel: I beg the school board not to take the bleachers down. When you have a part of history like Mount Carmel has, you try to preserve and keep it. It is a part of history.

Good luck

Good job, Griffiths. Good luck in retirement.

Technical fall

About the Line Mountain girl grappler story: I understand that the girl wanted to wrestle. But I think it is outrageous when there were other programs she could wrestle in. Now they expect the school district to pay their legal fees? That is just outrageous.

Return to sender

I would like to thank the person who returned my purse that I lost in Boyer's in Mount Carmel. I really appreciate it; thank you so much.

Smiling Kate

I am calling in agreement with the caller of "Kudos to Kate." Kate from the Puff's store in Mount Carmel is a beautiful person. She's always in a great mood and smiling, helpful and happy. Good job on hiring her. Kate, have a great day. You deserve it.


The county is going to spend $1,200 on a psychiatric evaluation of Frank Bogus. What a waste of money.

Tax free

I wonder how many local people who pay taxes have any idea how much money Penn State makes on football, tax free. Yet, Penn State gets millions each year from taxpayers for the coaches and students who scream "We are Penn State." Your tax dollars at work.

No joke

My husband has cancer and diabetes. He could not get hospitalization. He is now covered under a reasonable premium. Obamacare is no joke for us. The caller is heartless in their call, and 7.1 million think so, too. I am a registered Republican, but I am ashamed of Ryan.

Fine leather

If Club Echo ends up closing, what will happen to the $17,000 in leather furniture? I bought furniture for a reasonable price. There is no need to spend an exorbitant amount of money for something nice. The city needs to straighten out its priorities.

Real loss

I was really saddened to hear about Police Chief Ed Griffiths taking an early retirement. He is a great police officer and has been. His family is great and he has done a lot for our community. It is going to be a real loss losing Ed.

'Cold Justice'

Does anyone out there watch the show "Cold Justice" on TNT? It's a reality show about a prosecutor and crime scene investigator who deal in cold criminal cases. It's been on two seasons and they have a high success rate at getting justice. I think the Stellfox hit-and-run case might definitely benefit from this show looking into it. Go on TNT's website and you can submit a case for them to consider.