Nailed it

The Republican senators put a nail in their coffin.

Too much homework

I would like to know what is with these fourth-grade teachers in school giving these kids so much homework? Six pages of science. They have other things to do at home besides homework.


I must agree that the higher tech we get the more rude people become and less chance of manners. My wife, since Jan. 1, has maybe said 10 words to the kids because she is too busy Facebooking, Tweeting, and being online. Me? I have had about two words with her. She doesn't believe the fact that she has become rude or ignores everybody. Frog's take: Some married men would consider you a lucky duck.

Get a hobby

To the people of Shady Acres, you really need to get a hobby. The man is working on his truck outside. He is only trying to make a living. The other guy is writing letters to the editor day in and day out. Why don't they take basket-weaving up as a hobby?

Have no say

The Senate vote on the gun lobby bill in Washington is proof that politicians are run by big corporate America and 90 percent of the people have no say.


Mr. Matulewicz, stop putting the blame on past officials. You and others have served for multiple terms and have been working on the financial future of the borough. You, along with the current council, need to be held accountable for this, too. Frog's take: Some of these issues take a long time to unravel. At least the problem was discovered before it gets any worse.

NRA logic

The NRA's justification for opposing a law for background checks for all gun purchases is that, even if the law was passed, criminals could still get guns. Using the NRA's logic, we should not have a law against using cocaine because criminals can still get drugs, or have a speed limit law because people will still break the speed limits. There is no reasonable justification for anyone to be against comprehensive gun background checks. No law will totally prevent gun violence, but background checks will definitely help reduce it.

Original shame

Regarding Obama's statement that this is a shameful day in Washington. Well, I would say 40 years ago when the Supreme Court legalized abortion that was shameful, also.


This is in reference to the person who wants to know about the creek money from Mount Carmel to Mount Carmel Township: M.Y.O.B.

Coal heritage

After just returning from a vacation from areas where every part of the culture is celebrated, it makes me wonder why our Molly Maguire heritage has never been developed as part of you our mining history. Frog's take: Go ahead and start a celebration.

Look around

To the person who called in about Shamokin being a nice town, you need a reality check. Buildings are falling down, streets are falling through and it is a mess. Nobody is fixing anything and all the riff-raff is moving in. Open your eyes and look around. Frog's take: Through more optimistic eyes, you also might see the success of the heritage festival and the Halloween parade, the new cleanups and organizations, the blighted buildings and properties that have been repaired, the good folks who still live here, the businesses that are investing in the downtown, the growth of LCCC, the improvements at Kehler park, the mural, the cool benches. Get the point?