Bad strategy

During Obama's first term, everything you must buy (food, utilities, gas, etc.) has cost a lot more, and everything you have earned/saved (pensions, savings accounts, 401ks, etc.) are worth a whole lot less. How is the hope and change thing working for you?

Concerned parent

I am calling about what I read in the paper the other day about how the school said that the kids can stay if they have nits in their hair from head lice. Is the school going to start paying for head lice shampoo? If parents would check their kids' heads when they see them itch, head lice would not spread. Frog's take: The school explained its position well, and the policy seems like it's based on sound advice.

Good cop

Wow, good luck, Brownie. I hope your retirement is good. You were a good cop and a good chief of police. We'll never find another cop like you. You are going to be missed.

Pulled it off

My wife and I attended the Kulpmont Knights of Columbus wine festival on Saturday. What a great time! I hope they put it on every year. They really pulled it off. Good job, guys.

Come together

I would like to applaud the Zerbe Township business owners, residents and the supervisors for their forward thinking in preparing for the opening of the AOAA park. I hope other communities follow suit and join together for any measure of economic development the park can bring to our entire region. I know we don't like change, but we all know the park is coming, so let's all work together.

Grounded birds

Let's face the facts, the Eagles stink. They are second to last in scoring. It's time to bench the quarterback and fire the coach.

Pick, pick, pick

If you are not picking on Obama in Sound Off, you are picking on Vinny Clausi. He is the only one who helps the disabled, because our wonderful Gov. Corbett will not help any disabled - or anyone else.

Great shakes

Frog, you and everybody else think this AOAA park is going to be so wonderful. When these people start coming in from out of town and the AOAA park has lawsuits against them, who is going to pay for them? When the people of the area start having problems, we'll see what happens then. Nobody thinks of that. Frog's take: Ever hear of signing a waiver?

Not a lie

It is not a lie. Obama planned gun control through a small arms treaty in the United Nations. Hillary Clinton set this up for him.

Half the world

In a few days, we will elect a president. Half of us will be happy with the choice and half less so. At that time, it is our responsibly to rally behind whoever is chosen. The national embarrassment of half of the nation wishing for the failure of an American president should never be repeated.

No more holes

I would like to thank the township workers for filling in the two sink holes by my house.

Mr. Fix-it

In response to "Take a walk." If you are as disabled as Kaleta, why don't you walk up the pole and fix the light?

Running free

I am just curious if there is still such a thing as leash laws for dogs or if they are still allowed to run wild wherever they want and do their business on other people's property?

Those crazy kids

You need to ban children from calling in on Sound Off and criticizing President Obama. It must be them who are blaming Obama for the economy, unemployment and housing and anything else. They must not be old enough to remember George Bush and how he wrecked the economy that Obama is trying to fix.

Three-hour tour

This is about Rabbittransit. They are getting worse. I have been late for appointments in Sunbury three times now, and on my way home it takes two to three hours to get to Shamokin.

Not the first time

To the caller who said Obama was not going through the United Nations to institute gun control: You better do your homework, bud. Obama and Hillary Clinton tried to push the U.N. small arms treaty through and bind the United States to it, which would have effectively usurped the United States Constitution and handed over our gun rights to the United Nations.

You should drive

Obama said he is going to check into the safety of driverless cars. He already knows what happens to a driverless country, but he continues to drive our nation out of existence. Frog's take: They couldn't be any worse than some of the drivers in Shamokin.

Cliff 'em all

The Obama ad said the last thing this country should do is turn back now. The dummy is heading our country over a cliff to extinction. He wants to be president so bad he will destroy our country doing it. Get rid of the bum now!