Chop shop

Vinny Clausi and Steve Bridy knew what they were doing when they cut the salaries of the row officers. They knew that their salaries wouldn't be cut, but they chopped everybody else.


I saw in the paper about the Centralia settlement, so I congratulate the people who have been trying to stay in Centralia and now they are able to do that. However, I think you need to find a new spokesman. Tommy Hynoski, who was spokesman in the paper, doesn't live in Centralia. He took a buyout many years ago.


How is it that Vinny Clausi is the chairman of the commissioners and the head of the election board, yet he still endorses candidates? Don't we find that a conflict of interest?

Cuffed and stuffed

I see Clausi holding the handcuffs up. They should be put on him. He has been holding the county for years. Those handcuffs belong on him. Believe you me.

On the ballot

The county elected officials are fighting hard to stop the salary cuts to their part-time jobs. If you take a poll of taxpayers, I am sure they would say that $31,000 a year is more than enough for the amount of work that they do. I think it should be put on the ballot and let the citizens, and not the court, decide on the salary cuts.

Crucial velocity

I just read in the paper where they are trying to raise the speed limit on toll roads and major highways to 80 miles an hour. Route 61 from Mount Carmel to Shamokin is probably listed as a farm road and people have been driving that fast for a few years. It is only fair that people that drive on major highways and toll roads should be able to drive as fast as people around here. Equality for all.

The have-nots

This call is in regard to the person who called in about the food stamp cuts and not being able to get rib eye or T-bone steaks. Evidently, you don't need financial help, so when you sit down to your delicious Thanksgiving dinner, please give a thought to the have-nots, those less fortunate than you, especially the children. Shame on you.