The little people

I think the county cuts are great. It is about time the big pays they are getting were cut. We people on Social Security have to pay our own insurance, our own taxes and for our own prescriptions, and we have to keep up with everything. Now these guys are going to get a taste of what us little people are doing. Thank you, commissioners.

Goes to show

Concerning the two ladies from Elysburg that married. It shows just what a bunch of bigots we have in this area. Frog's take: You said it, caller.


If Vinny Clausi had a prepared statement to make, why didn't he read it? Why did he have someone else read that statement?

Hole is home

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has no business criticizing President Obama. He should crawl back in his hole and stay there.

The big one

If I have ever met a bigger hypocrite in my life than Vinny Clausi, I certainly can't recall it. Here is a guy who is deriding the city council for taking health care benefits when he himself takes $16,000 a year in health care benefits from the county. True, they cut it this week, but that is still $8,000 per year.


If those were supposed to be Christian responses in Sound Off to the gay couple, whatever happened to - judge not lest yea be judge, whatsoever you do for the least of my brethren so you do unto me or let ye among you without sin cast the first stone?


If two are caring, loving, hard-working, honest and they take good care of their family, what does it matter who they are sleeping with? What they do in the bedroom is their business. It is nobody else's business, just like in any relationship. There are plenty of relationships out there that are sanctified by the church where people beat their kids, starve their kids or are alcoholics and run around. You show me what normal is.

Fiscally responsible

Congratulations to Commissioners Clausi and Bridy on maintaining their fiscal responsibility towards the residents of Northumberland County.

Cry me a river

I have the news on right now about the pay cuts in Northumberland County. I feel really bad for that one lady. She was making $57,000. Now she is going to go down to $31,000. I feel really bad considering I get $20,000 a year and that is what I live on, and that is before taxes.

Foot clan

Confucius say, he who kicks Dr. Kraynak soon have a very sore foot.


Keep it up, Vinny. You are doing a good job. Don't listen to these parasites.

So what?

To all the self-righteous telling us what your God thinks about gays: We don't care. We're free, and we're all equal. And if I'm sent to hell for believing that, I'll make sure I let a light on for you.

How ironic

Clausi and Bridy, what a joke i find it ironic that the commissioners' salaries won't be cut until 2016 while the other officeholders' cuts go into effect at the beginning of the year.

Poker or golf? John McCain playing poker during a session of the Senate; Barack Obama playing golf during the crisis.