Soul goals

Who has high goals and ideals for our area's children? Teachers. Who cares about the well being of our children? Teachers. Who challenges, comforts, coaches, rallies and celebrates our children? Teachers. So isn't it time that we, as a community, rally around our teachers so they stay in this area and continue to help our children? Pay area teachers a competitive wage and keep you child's teacher in our local schools.


I don't understand why the Mount Carmel Area School Board feels it is their right to keep money from the students and the teachers when it is taxpayer's money. It is not their money.

Stupid is

How stupid is Sen. Cruz from Texas to think that President Obama would sign a bill to repeal his own Obamacare? I mean, how stupid is he?

Fire in the sky

I wonder if any of your readers just saw a big fireball that went across the sky. I was out for a walk in Elysburg on Thursday night at 7:30 and a huge fireball-like meteor went across the sky. It was pretty amazing.

They're great!

I am from Mount Carmel Area and the teachers are great and deserve a raise.

Football stats

To the person who thinks that Mount Carmel Area has too many football coaches, I will give you the correct facts: Mount Carmel Area has six varsity football coaches and three eighth-grade football coaches. No more than anybody else.

Face time

The teachers are saying they want a raise, but if you go on Facebook in the middle of the day when they are actually in classes, some of them are posting. And you want a raise so you can have more time on Facebook? PSSAs are low, but you all want raises?

Orthodox stooge

My religion is the correct religion and yours isn't, so nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

Starts at home

This is in response to "Test scores." I am not a teacher and my child is 3. He knows his ABCs, knows where he lives and he can start writing. Most of the children in the neighborhood do not know the things that my son knows. Parents are also responsible for teaching their children. It is not all on the teachers.


Criminals prefer unarmed victims and dictators prefer unarmed citizens. The stricter the gun control, the more oppressive the regime and government, and the higher the crime rate.