Hanoi Jane

My statement as a Vietnam combat veteran may anger some, but it is factually accurate, Jane Fonda spoke the truth when she went to Hanoi. Hanoi Jane was not the bad guy; it was "McNamara's War," led by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and Generals William Westmoreland and Creighton Abrams, who snookered Lyndon Johnson into easing off the bombing and failing to allow the Marines to enter North Vietnam to win that war. The U.S. makes war too complicated; it is really simple. Rule No. 1: Never go to war. Rule No. 2: If you engage in war, kill everything in your way until the enemy unconditionally surrenders. The result is that no one will mess with you for a century. Frog's take: I don't think the bombing halt was the generals' idea, was it?

By invitation

In response to the person who complained there were no GOP members at the (King) monument, it was by invitation only. No GOP black members or white members got invitations, including President Bush, Clarence Thomas or the black senator from South Carolina. What I did see was only white persons holding umbrellas. Did the Democrats send a message? We divide the country more and more, and it is not the GOP's doing.

Lest we forget

This is to the caller about the American history lecture. Don't forget to include the Watergate scandal and that Republican, Richard M. Nixon, who resigned from the presidency in disgrace.

More history

A history lesson always includes the greatness of America, the value of democracy and our responsibility to participate in our government. However, our flaws must also be revealed. Our role with the African slaves, the Trail of Tears and the near genocide of Native Americans, Japanese interment camps, Abu Ghraib and torture camps and now, thanks to the advice of the Sound Off caller, the deportation of the people who pick our lettuce and clean our hotel rooms for fear they will vote Democrat.

Not more than me

This is in regard to the fast food workers making $15 an hour. Yes, they should be making more than they are. But I have been a nursing aide for five years now, and I am making less than $13 an hour. Why should they be making more than me when all they have to do is flip burgers?

Line Mtn. raises

I can't believe the citizens of the Line Mountain School District expect such raises. A network administrator is getting a $9,000 per year raise, and the superintendent is getting a $3,000 raise. This is riciculous. The average working person does not get these kind of raises. Why do these administrators get these raises? We can't afford these raises. Taxpayers don't want to speak up because they are afraid of offending people. This is a joke.