Liking welfare

People on welfare apply for a job and turn it down so they can stay on welfare. I know people who have been hired and were "no call, no show," just so they can stay on welfare. That's what happens in Shamokin.

No work

People on welfare are lazy, and they do not want to work.

A buildup?

I thought Paterno was back the way the new Penn State coach talks about the teams they are playing. Last week, they were playing Central Florida. The way he was building them up, I thought they were playing Florida State.

Hello Santa

I didn't remember to hit the "Start" button? Are you kidding, Steve Bartos? I'm 78 and I still believe in Santa. Right!

Doesn't compute

I was just reading about four men who were executed for gang rape and murdering a girl in India. We still have men who were responsible for bombing New York sitting out in a cell out west. How do you do the math? It's time to execute them, isn't it?

Be kind

I am 60 and was raised Catholic, but it incensed me to read the caller's description of how you get to heaven by accepting Jesus Christ as your savior. Doesn't that person realize there are many religions in this world? To quote a song by John Lennon, "Imagine there is no heaven." Wouldn't it be nice to be kind to all human beings? Doesn't that matter as much as being a Christian?


In the case of Mr. Dubbs and others like him, there is a basic rule: Home ownership requires responsibility.

Not valued?

I am not sure what management model our commissioners have studied. A good administrator accomplishes more when his employees are valued. Employees do their best work when they are appreciated. When you go to work every day fearing the loss of your job or salary, it must be dreadful. I suspect the critics have no idea what the county employees do or how many hours they work.

Why not there?

The police are citing all these homeowners for violations. Why aren't they citing the building on North Shamokin and Water streets? There was a fire there, and there's been nothing done to take care of that. That building is open and susceptible to all kinds of trouble.