If we had the same amount of people looking for jobs four years ago now, the unemployment rate now would be 8.4, not 7.8. He skewered the dickens out of the numbers.


For the person who says in the Republican policy that Mitt Romney will not raise your taxes, you are absolutely right. What he is going to do is eliminate all your deductions that you are allowed to take on your income tax. You will no longer be allowed to deduct your mortgage, donations, any interest on any properties that you are paying second mortgages on or any medical bills. In essence, when you go to file your tax return, you will have nothing to claim so you will owe the government more taxes. That is how he is doing it.

Playing politics

County Commissioner Rick Shoch is playing politics with the ATV park. He wants 11 to 15 on the AOAA authority. You see how our school board works with nine members. Fifteen people on the AOAA authority would guarantee its failure. The ATV park is a business and must be run like a business. Vinny is right to stand up to Shoch and his friends to keep politics out of the operation of the AOAA.


Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Spice of life

There is more to life than sports and politics. Sound Off should give other topics equal time. Everyone is not a sports enthusiast or a political expert. How about that, Froggy? Frog's take: You mean to tell me my callers aren't political experts?

Holding down

On the issue of Mr. Kaleta's disability it is my opinion that any man that can hike up and down those mountains, be involved in the pick-up of old tire and appliances and who can plant thousands of trees can hold a job. Disability is for people who can't work. Not people who do not want to work.

Yellow party

After watching that debate I have made up my mind. I am voting for Big Bird. He isn't full of B.S. like the rest of them.

Cooked books

All along the Republicans were chastising the president about high unemployment. Just a few days ago on debate night, Romney sniggered about it. Now, Friday, the unemployment numbers have come out and it shows that they have dropped. Now the Republicans say the numbers are crooked. Jealous, lying people.

Candy man

I see the Shamokin Halloween parade wants to ban spectators from jumping out in the parade route to pick up candy. That is not going to happen. Ban throwing candy and that will stop it.

Foot patrol

I work for a business on Oak Street in Mount Carmel and yesterday our new police chief Todd Owens was seen walking up and down Oak Street. I poked my head out to see what was going on. I come to find out he was patrolling on foot. Walking by businesses, shaking hands and talking with the public. That is how it should be done. It was nice to have him come into my job and ask us how everything was.


Wanted: Two sensible men to run on the Democratic ticket in Northumberland County against Clausi and Bridy. Nothing is getting done. It is only shenanigans.