Can't stand it

A September Fox News poll found that the Affordable Care Act is viewed five percent points more favorably than Obamacare. Among Republicans, the improvement was eight percentage points. Jimmy Kimmel's producers asked over a dozen individuals what they preferred the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. 100% chose the Affordable Care Act. Lesson learned is that the general public is ignorant of the law and some cannot stand having a black man as President.


There is no 28th Amendment to the Constitution. That is fake and, of course, making its rounds on Facebook. Just because your idiot friend tells you something, doesn't make it true.

Like a fox

The people of Texas are crazy for voting in an airhead like Senator Cruz.

Truly outrageous

I am calling in regards to Mr. Mirolli's outrageous fines. Why isn't he being made to pay that? It is over $3,000 and why is he being allowed to run for county coroner? These are very serious charges against him and he is now running for public office. That is a disgrace to our county.


I am calling about the Northumberland County prison. I was just released and I just wanted to say that place is atrocious. There is mold everywhere and people are always sick.

Not the best

Attorney Kym Best sues Northumberland County and gets $185,000 and now she plans to run for county commissioner. What a joke! Attorney Best worked the system and cashed in at the taxpayers' expense. How can she ever expect to get Northumberland County residents to elect her commissioner?

More emphasis

If Americans put more emphasis on education and teachers, we would not need as many prison guards.

Real watchdog

Way to go, Vinny. Your big mouth and innocence just cost the county $180,000. What a real watchdog.

Nobody's fault

I just read where Kymberly Best received 185 grand because of Vinny. Of course, when you read the article, it is not Vinny's fault. It is everybody else's. Now, it is the insurance company's fault. He should keep his big trap shut.

Off the streets

Someone called in and said that the difference between teachers and prison guards is that teachers educate students while prison guards have no bearing on creating a better future. Sure they do! They keep the human cockroaches off the streets and that makes a better future for me.