Street paving

Well, they are paving all the streets in Mount Carmel. Yet they never put the right size pipes back in the ground after reducing the size of the sewer system here. The people who made the mistake were never made to correct the problem. Taxpayer money was wasted. Someone profited and should be held accountable. If the rain coming is as bad as predicted, they will see once again why our for fathers built the sewers to hold that amount of water. Those poor people's basements flood now.

Wants a change

It's time for a change. We need a commander-in-chief. I am tired on the comedian-in-chief. I'd like go send him to Hollywood where he belongs with all the liberals. Maybe he can get his own show instead of going on "The View," "Letterman" and all the leftist shows. If we don't get someone else in the White House, we will lose America. Please vote for Romney.

Blames Obama

I hope everyone has seen that Barack Obama could have saved the ambassador in Libya. He chose to ignore it.

The media

So the media is letting Obama off the hook with Benghazi. No one will ask him the real questions. That is why I distrust the national media. But I do trust the local media, though. That is why I buy the paper - for local events.

Worse, not better

I am calling about the person who said children are criticizing President Obama. I am 40 years old, and I need to say that Obama made things 10 times worse since Bush was in office. If people are smart, they will vote President Obama out.

City workers

I think the city workers would get more leaves picked up if they would spend less time riding around. How do they paid - by the mile or by the hour?

Seek the truth

This is in reference to "Not a lie" about Obama planning a gun control bill. You need to investigate this story entirely, not just go by the rumors on the Internet or on TV. You will find the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Pick them up

"Falling leaves could block storm drains" - what a headline. Instead of running the sweeper last week and dragging the leaves to the storm drains and blocking everything up, they should have picked the leave up. Why should we worry about the leaves? They put them in the middle of the street and left them there. Let them pick up the leaves, or flooding will happen.

Big storm

There is a big storm coming. Every town in the area is cleaning up its leaves except Mount Carmel. I can't wait for the flooding.