I hope they don't bring up my past when I run for dog catcher. RUFF!

New board, too

About the caller who said they should get all new teachers in Mount Carmel: I think we should also get a new administration, including school board members. About that student who needs tutoring in geometry: where are the parents to help out? They should help that child and teach them a raise. The teachers do deserve a raise. Frog's take: How many parents remember geometry?

Divided kingdom

The gospel says every kingdom divided itself will fall. Does that remind you of what is going on in our country?

Old TVs

A question for all The News-Item readers: Does anyone have any ideas where you can get rid of old TVs, the 32-inch sets? We'd like to know if anybody is taking them because you can't give them away. Frog's Take: The Coal Township Recycling Center takes electronics on Thursdays and it won't cost you a dime.

Wait and see

Well, now that the food stamps are going to end, you can bet that the crime rate is going to go up. Just watch it.

In Boydtown

That article about the fire in Coal Township: It would be a lot easier if you would tell the people that it was in Boydtown.

A great teacher

When I went to the Ferndale school many, many years ago, we had a math teacher who acted like a fool. When you went into his class, you were teaching him instead of him teaching you. The children loved him. You know, when we came out of there, we were very well-trained in math. He was the greatest teacher around. He had his own system. The childrem couldn't wait to get into his classroom. He taught us some short-cuts, which I still use today. He was a very good teacher.

Tea Party

The American people have had enough. I agree. They should fire all members of the Tea Party.

Boehner's fault

This is getting crazy. Every day, all they do is argue back and forth. If I was the president, I would say, "Hey Boehner, get the vote on the table." Boehner won't do it. The shutdown is his fault. Boehner is going to destroy the Republican Party.

On ObamaCare

The only thing that will bankrupt this country is ObamaCare. ObamaCare was done behind closed doors in the middle of the night. They bought off votes from Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Louisiana. It is a social program where the middle-class will pay for the have-nots. We are coming very close to becoming a communist system.

How can it be?

I'd like to know how a rolling car can be illegally parked, and I'd like to know, can an illegally parked vehicle be rolling around? I think that is an impossibility.

Left behind

Around 20 years ago, my wife divorced me. She left me with four children, four dogs, two cats, two birds, a gerbil and her mother, who was my mother-in-law. Fortunately, the gerbil died and I saved a quarter a week. Does that make me a single parent and does it make me a single son-in-law? I'd like to know because this situation was very unique.

Southern field

I was just wondering when Southern is going to get a nice field like Central Columbia, Shamokin and Selinsgrove. They really have nice fields, and we are stuck over here at Southern with this rock-infested cornfield.

A prophecy?

Back when the United States and Russia weren't getting along, Khrushchev said he could take the United States without firing a shot. He said the United States would destroy itself from within. Boy, was he ever right.

Speaker Boehner

I know if John Boehner knows how he counts. Doesn't he ever watch the polls? He stinks, he's washed up. Why doesn't he step down? I don't understand why the Republican Party doesn't get after him and get on his case? He is destroying the Republican Party. It doesn't pay to listen to him because he doesn't know what he's talking about. Frog, you may think I don't know what I am talking about, but that guy is a hundred times worse than I am.


They've been charging pet owners at the high rise a $5 maintenance charge per month. Maintain what? I haven't seen anything being done. These dogs don't dig or chew or anything like that, and everyone picks up their mess. I don't understand what is being maintained. They have a maintenance man/groundskeeper who gets paid. Why do they need our money?