Bad message

I just wanted to Sound Off about the bomb scare and the child only getting 50 hours of community service. Really? My child got 30 hours for just having chew in school. What kind of message is that sending?

Traced in air

The 17-year-old freshman girl who phoned in the bomb threat to Mount Carmel Area thought her calls couldn't be traced, yet they were. I wonder why the nuisance calls on Trac phones to people can't be traced? She got 50 hours of community service? Give me a break! What a message being sent out there to a lot of misfits.


Hurry, hurry, vote for Obama. Unemployment is down, price of gas is down a couple cents, heating oil is down. Well, not so much. The terrorists are under control. Well, not so much, but he's trying. Well, not so much trying either (Benghazi). At least he's truthful. Oops, not that either. Well, we'll have Obamacare, cheap insurance, oh, not that cheap either. OK, don't hurry to vote Obama.

High mileage

The city of Shamokin has and has to run a very tight budget. We all know and accept that fact of life. One does wonder why the code enforcement officer has a F-250 four wheel drive truck for his use to travel to and from work on a daily basis. Not that many city properties tumbling down methinks. One has to wonder the city gas mileage of such a vehicle.

Not important

I saw Shamokin is 2-8 and is participating in the playoffs. What type of message is this sending to today's youth? It's OK if you don't win or even finish at .500, you can play anyway? I guess actually winning isn't important anymore.

Football farce

The fact that Mount Carmel and Shamokin will be in the playoffs is a farce. There is simply NO justification for Mount Carmel (6-4) and Shamokin (2-8) to get playoff berths in their divisions. The number one team should play number two. Rewarding mediocrity sends the wrong message. Most number four seeds get blasted anyway. The justification that playoff berths for mediocre or teams with losing records are an experience for some young men that worked hard all year is an insult to those that achieve greatness.