Nothing about video

Contrary to some claims in Sound Off, the president's statement in the Rose Garden on the morning after the Benghazi attack, while clearly mentioning terrorism, made no mention of any video. He did refer to Americans' fundamental opposition to religious intolerance, which is an unavoidable issue when dealing with the nominally religious, but hate-filled and murderous, Taliban, al-Qaida, probably the Wahabi in Saudi Arabia, and, in this hemisphere, the likes of the Rev. Jim Jones' organization, the People's Temple. They all think they can exist and even thrive on hatred and intolerance. Recognizing intolerance for what it is is not an impeachable offense.

Why not help?

To the person who said it is a shame that the Mount Carmel firemen also have to be fire police, you may want to correct yourself. We call them fire police because that is their job. They stand out there and direct traffic. It's too bad you didn't feel badly enough for them to stop and offer to join. They need people, they need help. Maybe you should consider asking how you can help instead of just complaining in Sound Off.

No deals?

I am the guy who was referred to as having a negative attitude. If you live around here, you can see why. On Small Business Saturday, I was thinking of going down to Independence Street to look for a deal. But I forgot, there is nothing there. But maybe I could get a deal on some crack or some other kinds of drugs.

Be grateful

To the caller who commented about Hillary Clinton's hairdo: If that is all you have to complain about, I think you should consider doing some volunteer work or just sit down and count your blessings.

Union greed

A question for you on lost jobs: How many jobs have been moved to other countries because of union greed and demands? OK, Frog, stand by for a bunch of cop-outs, excuses and "it's Bush's fault." Thank God greed is not contagious.


You talk about impeaching the president for blaming it on a video? Maybe they should have impeached Bush for holding back secrets about 9/11 when he knew we were going to be attacked. Yes, he knew it. If you think you are smarter than the president, why don't you run for mayor of Shamokin. Frog's take: You're wrong about Bush. That look on his face (when he was visiting a class and an aide informed him) said it all. He looked like he was just hit with a ton of bricks, and in a real way, he was. No matter who the president is, it's not fair to throw around these baseless accusations.

No money

I'd like to know why the city of Shamokin can't adopt a salary cap. I haven't had a raise in over three years. These city workers are getting a raise every year. City council wants more money. We taxpayers just don't have. Shamokin is a welfare town and a Social Security town. There is no money.

Hillary's 'do'

I was wondering where Hillary Clinton got that hair-do she has. She looks like she went through a washing machine. She's a mess.

Lost cats

I am just checking to say who might have picked up two cats on Elm Street, between Elm, Marshall and Grant. A little white kitten and a little black kitten. They were lost, and someone may have picked them up. If someone picked them up and gave them a home, please let us know about it in Sound Off. People up there on those streets are worried about them.