El Diablo

I recently read an article in our local paper regarding atheist organizations, and it makes me feel more aware that the devil is alive and well.

Snow fair

I am from Ashland and I love reading Jenna's article. It is fantastic. I would definitely like to build a snowman with her anytime.

Honest man

Bruce Springsteen said he listens to Buddy Holly's music before every concert because it keeps him honest. That is more than I can say for the 17 intelligence agencies that had the wool pulled over their eyes. Remember, Iraq had 12 years with warnings to move those WMDs before the chicken hawks finally dropped the hammer. Israel, with the best intelligence in the world, tried telling Clinton that for years.

Draft dodger

I have to respond to that guy that wrote about Bruce Springsteen in the paper about returning veterans. Here is a guy that faked his injuries so he wouldn't have to go to the service. He is nothing but a millionaire draft dodger.


Just about the only people or groups who by now haven't been directly shafted by Obamacare, along with Obama's new administrative fix, are those who become eligible for Medicare and perhaps supporters of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential ambitions.

Losing it

This is about the debris pile in Kulpmont. I agree that it is an eyesore, but whoever disagrees with this never lost everything in a fire like I did twice growing up. All that man had was that little piece of land where his house once stood, and the borough officials found a way to steal.


Please, when you see an animal being abused, report it. Don't let the animal suffer at the hands of a disturbed person. Who would be next? A child? Please take control of this sad situation.

Rotten egg

This is in response to the "not too early for Christmas." Instead of coal, I hope to get an Easter egg in my stocking.