Crazy 8's

Barack Obama gets eight years as president, Congress has an 8 percent approval rating and unemployment has been around 8 percent. It seems this administration just plays Crazy 8's with the American people. Roseanne Barr actually finished fifth in the presidential election, getting 49,000 votes.

Value matters

The middle class has won. The cries have been heard. Also, no more suppressing women. No more of the barefoot-and-pregnant mentality. Men value their sperm; women value their bodies, minds and rights. Frog's take: Um, OK.

No prosperity

To the person who called in and said four more years of peace and prosperity because Obama got reelected: They must be a welfare recipient, because they are the only ones who have prosperity. Frog's take: Last time I checked, we're still at war and the economy was in the tank.

Thank a vet

Sunday is Veterans Day, and I would just like to say thank you to the men and women who are serving in the military and who have served before. Thank you for keeping us safe.

Pray for Barack

I did not vote for Obama, but let me explain something to all you people: We are all in this together. We better hope and we better pray to God and His Son, Jesus, that Obama does a good job. If not, your children, your grandchildren and their grandchildren are going to pay for it. Frog's take: I thought they were already paying for it?

Great cartoon

Whoever put the cartoon on the political page (Friday), that was a great one. Also, speaking of the county, what is up with their budget? It is supposed to be announced and we haven't heard about it.

Sweet home Chicago

Why do think Obamacare was not implemented in his first term? It was because it is so bad he that he wouldn't be reelected. He is just a shrewd, dirty Chicago politician who is destroying our country. We missed out on having a good president with Mr. Romney. He would have given values back to our country. God bless America.

Spoke up

The greedy, rich Republicans lost their elections because the American people spoke.

Come and gone

Another Election Day gone. I will continue to pray for all of us and will pray people with power will acquire compassion and good sense. My prays for people with good sense to acquire power went unanswered. May God keep and guide us all.