Knows nothing?

Is it really possible that the president of the United States knows as little about what his administration is doing as his defenders claim? He says no one tells him anything until he reads it in the papers.

Not marijuana

It's a shame that anyone that does crack, heroin or coke and take a drug test, as long as they do it three or four days after they do the drugs, but a poor guy who smokes a joint on a Sunday morning can't get a job because it's in his system for 30 days, even though marijuana is legal in some states. They should just worry about testing for hard drugs, not marijuana.


Here is an example of what sums up Obamacare. My friend had his insurance canceled, which he loved. When he picked out a comparable plan, the closest one under Obamacare, he had to take maternity care, and he is a single male. He also had to take alcohol rehabiliation and drug rehabiliation; he uses neither. He has to pay for those. Guess what? His insurance rates went up 200 percent.

Tough decision

I agree with the caller who talked about Jenna's cat Salem. The hardest thing I had to do was let my dog go. He looked at me with eyes of love and knew I was doing it for him. I often wish people would have the same opportunity. I often hope that if I was dying, suffering and in a lot of pain, I would be able to say that enough is enough.

Think further

To the man who is lonely because his wife is always on Facebook: Give a little thought to yourself, sir. Could you be the problem that makes her do that?

Appreciate him

The people of Northumberland County will understand Mr. Clausi when they find out their taxes are going to double to pay these people who aren't doing any work. Then they will understand what a good politician is.

A challenge

Congratulations, Mayor Milbrand. Now bring out all that love, loyalty and passion you expressed and revitalize downtown Shamokin, not just the Legion building. You want to walk past empty stores and dimly lit streets to admire one building.