Volunteer work

Charles Shuey needs to apologize to the retired people of our community. His opinion that retired people sit around and do nothing and are "lazy louts" if they choose to not work part-time is arrogant and selfish. Many retirees choose to spend much of their time volunteering in their churches and charitable organizations. Others simply reach out to help their fellow citizens expecting nothing in return. Retired persons who share their skills, wisdom and time to enrich the lives of others are not motivated by the desire for more money. Mr. Shuey needs to realize that living for the almighty dollar is not nearly as fulfilling as living for the Almighty.

Dare I say

This is for Rita Campbell and the rest of the pious and righteous among us. How dare you tell me or anyone else how to live? How dare you claim you know what God is and what he says? How dare you decide what is moral and what is not? Get this, I don't believe your religion and I don't care about your silly fairy tales. As for myself, I will follow reason and science, not fear and voodoo.

Guide for life

Once students study theology they understand that the Bible is not a history book and most stories are allegories meant to teach a lesson. Many ancient cultures have similar stories but the characters have different names. The Bible is basically a guide for life.

Affordable fun

I cannot believe city council would wait until April to order a new pump for the pool. Not everyone can afford to go to Knoebels everyday or join a club. What else is there for everyone that is affordable to enjoy. Let's get on the ball, council.

Bad burden

How will the family of the five year old who was given the gun with which he shot his two-year-old sister forgive themselves? What a burden to place on a child.

A liability

If commissioners Clausi and Bridy think that the meeting tapes may be a liability for the county, it sounds to me like they are admitting that they were wrong with how they are handling county business.

Call in feds

I just wanted to know if there is any kind of investigation going on with Mount Carmel Borough trying to get that money back from King Coal. So much money to let go of. It is taxpayer money, they have to fight to get it back. Call in the federal investigators. Frog's take: We will keep you posted.

Come on down

Oh, my God. About "other people's problem." What happened to what Bob Barker used to say? "Have your pet spayed or neutered." No drowning or killing, have the animals spayed or neutered. Frog's take: Ah, it was my longtime dream to replace Bob Barker on The Price is Right.