Come again

A message to the U.S. Congress: What goes around comes around.

Not bad

I just finished reading Sound Off. Whoever the person is that said that about Clauser Chevrolet, not a bad idea. They should give it serious thought.


I think Tafner should be required to honor the agreement she signed to release funds to American Hose and she should remain in jail until she complies. She is obviously playing games with the money she stole. She thinks we are all stupid and we can't see what she is doing.

The "F" side

Here is a bit of trivia on the Fuhrmann side: the Fuhrmann mansion is the big stone building on the right of the entrance to the Mountainside Assembly of God on Trevorton Road. Fuhrmann's daughter, Mary, lived at the corner of Shamokin and Chestnut streets. Mary's daughter became a nun and the son moved from Elysburg to Florida last year.

Left behind

I went to WalMart this morning and the only lanes they had opened were self check-out lanes. This would be alright if they actually worked properly. I guess Wal-Mart is so money hungry that they need to eliminate as many employees as they can. I left my full cart in the store.

You would know

I am calling in regard to the person complaining about the Mount Carmel High School kid being voted in for the school board. If you know anything about Joe you would know that by the age of 12 he was smarter than most adults. You would know that he was very involved in after-school activities; you would seem him in church every week with his mother. You would know that his whole family is very involved in the community. You would also know that your criticism is bothering me more than it will bother him. He is a wonderful, deserving person and that is how he got voted in. He will always get my vote.


As the IRS hearings go on, it is impossible to understand how any political group qualifies for tax-exempt status. Frog's take: It is a much larger problem, isn't it?

Gotta get paid

The infamous Willie Sutton stole approximately $2 million in his lifetime and spent half of his adult life in jail. The first time he was sentenced to 30 years, then 25 to 50 years. Thea Tafner stole $3,712,203, and was sentenced to 30 months, with 5 months off for good behavior. Whether you use a gun or not, it's still stealing. Slick Willie should have learned how to plea bargain.