Sad truth

I don't understand what they are talking about. We already have a feature with the Republicans and Democrats saying stupid things. It's called Sound Off. Frog's take: Giddy up!

Monster High

I was in a local superstore this evening and I could not believe the monsters walking around in there, and I mean monsters. You can't believe how they are dressed, their size and the state of cleanliness they are in. At least when we had Kmart and the Big N, it divided up the monsters between each place so we didn't have to look at that many.

Immigrant song

We all may be descendants of immigrants, but my ancestors came here the right way, legally, through Ellis Island and with documentation. Not across the border through a hole in the fence.

Good advice

Jenna, great column this week. You outdid yourself. A lot of good advice in that column. Keep up the good work.

Saddle up

Hats off to Mount Carmel 4-H group attending the 11th annual PA Horse World Expo in Harrisburg in February. The picture shows a group of youth doing good.

Big spender

I see in the news where federal unions are out protesting against federal spending cuts. Ten plus percent of the American work force says spend, Obama, spend.

Great analogy

I would like to comment on Michael Krankowski's letter to the editor. What a great analogy. If you are not a millionaire and you vote Republican it is like being a Philadelphia Eagles fan and wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey. Frog's take: What if I am a Dolphins fan and wear a Jets jersey?


When Obamacare is fully implemented, you will be able to go online and answer four questions: Age, sex, where you live and if you smoke. The insurance exchanges will be competing for your business. All you will have to do is review your options and pick the one that fits your circumstances. If you are unable to afford it, there will be supplemental payments to help you make your choice.