The boys club

Vote with your conscience and heart, not for friendship or political ignorance. Wake up the boys club going on at city hall or nothing will change. Once again, our taxes have been raised the maximum percentage allowed, then spent on parking meters that pick the pockets of the taxpayers who paid for them, raises to city employees larger than ever before, installing a police chief that makes no attempt at enforcing the city ordinances. Vote them out. Let's make a new start.

Raise my rates

Now Coal Township wants the gas company, the water company and the sewer authority to pave the streets for them. All that is going to do is raise my gas bill, raise my water bill and raise my sewer bill. They should have taking care of these streets for the last 30 years, but what have they been doing? A whole lot of nothing.

The little things

I had several nice experiences at Weis store last week. A kind lady assisted me to get up the high curb, immediately a nice gentleman handed me a wagon and at the handicapped stall, a kind lady took my wagon to park even though she had her own. Folks, little things like this are so appreciated.

Not thought through

I am glad that the commissioners decided to hold off changing of the polling places and consolidation because they didn't think this through very well or their director of elections didn't. One of them needs to get out and actually find out where these places are. Does anybody walk from, say the corner of Third and Maple down to the polling place in the First Ward? Do you realize how far that is for somebody who is older, disabled or maybe cannot walk up a hill? You just eliminated them from voting.


Please up your Webster's Dictionary and read what "obstruction" means. The obstructionist Congress hinders progress. Do you want a Congress like that or do you want a Congress that makes progress? Use your head.


Every day it's in the paper about the guard that was killed. I feel sorry for him and his family. When you put all these murderers and psychopaths together in a small block at a maximum security penitentiary, there is going to be violence. These guys don't care about anything. Most of them are never going to go home. Things like this are bound to happen.

The reality

Sen. Portman, Republican of Ohio, has expressed his love and support for his gay son despite the anti-gay platform of his party. The reality is, we all love our children and want them to love and be loved. Soon, hopefully, this will not be an issue on a political platform.

School musical

I just got home from seeing one of the most fantastic high school musicals, "Grease," at Mount Carmel Area High School. Thanks to the students, staff, pit band and Mrs. Styer. What a terrific job these students have done. Hours of hard work went into this performance.