Lowered expectations

I was just wondering, in Southern Columbia, is it pay-to-play or pay-to-participate? Because if I pay, I expect my child to play.

It's a real job

This is for the caller who says teachers do not work weekends or nights: You are obviously not a teacher, because you have no idea how much time teachers put in nightly grading papers and writing lesson plans. Don't you dare say that teaching is not a real job. You couldn't be further from the truth. I would like to say thank you to all our area teachers.


Welcome to nicer weather. On March 11, we, too, heard geese making a loud entry overhead while watching two beautiful robins on our lawn.

All-around red

It seems that when Mount Carmel Area has a good football team, some people bring up red-shirting, but many of those same so-called red-shirter players play basketball, baseball and wrestle, and most of the time those teams are mediocre at best. Why isn't red-shirting mentioned then?

One-stop shopping

I just got home from a vacation in another state down South and it was amazing. I went to Walmart and bought beer, wine, sushi and steak all in one trip to only one store. Amazing how convenient it is in states that are not stuck in the stone age.

No R-E-S-P-E-C-T

It's amazing the disrespect for teachers. Just the money it costs to be a teacher. Education, dress code, certifications. They don't wake up, apply and be a teacher. There's a great deal of responsibility and it costs money to be presentable and educated. Teachers can't discipline anymore, and parents couldn't care less. Maybe the student with his head down was being disciplined for poor behavior. It was all the teacher could do. Walk a mile in their shoes, then judge. Leave the pool hall early, avoid drinking all the time, spend some time with your kids and quit blaming teachers for your own failings with your children.

Digital dirt

It's really classy when Kulpmont Borough Council members air their dirty laundry on Facebook. Come on, you're full-grown men. Grow up.

Tax the AOAA

About your cartoon in today's paper concerning taxing of the AOAA park. Why is it OK to increase taxes on property owners again and again but not tax people coming to use our land?

Clothes for all

Aren't we dumb? Here we are buying clothing and then we give it away to somebody who has a million dollars and then makes money on it. I would like to know where there's a church we can give the clothes free for somebody to use without giving it to this "amazing" new store where people have to pay. Frog's take: You make a good point, but keep in mind that the store doesn't necessarily cater to people who have no money or little money to pay for clothes; they sell the clothes to anyone to raise money to do other charity work.

Heroin's pain

These women and men on heroin are taking their own lives. What they should do when they get picked up is go to jail for five years, get rehab and make new lives for themselves.