Never ending story

Taxing cars by the mile is back on the agenda again. Every day, it is something else with this administration. You want to find other sources of revenue? Stop paying for illegal aliens. Frog's take: Taxing cars by the mile is a terrible idea! It never ends.

War ensemble

Senator McCain, you are not president. You are a warmonger.

Home to roost

The beginning stage was set when President Bush first attacked Iraq. Then his son, President G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney lied and took America into an all-out unneccesary war costing millions of dollars and 3,000 American lives. Now, America is reaping the consequences and results.

Act a fool

When is Kulpmont Borough council going to quit making a fool of itself by making stupid decisions? Put a man in jail for doing a job that should have been done by the borough?

Soft serve

This is to the people about the coal power plants in Sound Off. Do you know that the coal burned in coal power plants is bituminous coal and it is imported? Anthracite is not used.

Hallowed ground

Somebody put in Sound Off: Don't worry about dogs messing in the cemetery, all the people there are dead. Isn't that wonderful? Whoever you are, apparently you don't have loved ones in the cemetery. Shame on you.

Cry me a river

Hey, this is for all you Republican crybabies calling and complaining about Barack Obama ruining the country; wait until Hillary Clinton is your president, then you will have something to cry about. That ought to be the final nail in the coffin for America.

Fuzzy math

I think Kulpmont Borough better do their math. Let's see, they say two people are against the new building, well I am number three. What about the 300 plus people who signed the petition not to build it?