Electric rates

Hope all you Obama lovers are happy when your energy bills double or triple in two to three years due to the king imposing all the new regulations on coal-fired plants as all the experts are predicting. But yet, let's worry about global warming and hurt our people with higher energy bills while the Chinese keep on polluting the air. What sense does that make? If all countries are not on the same page, then no impact will be made on global warming. How are most people and businesses going to afford having energy prices that high? But he and his family went to Africa on our dime for $100 million. He is one of the greatest presidents ever. He really feels for the middle class. He got re-elected and could care less about you and me.

Not the prison

I love to read about people blaming the local prison for the degradation of this area. Wake up. That is not the reason as it is one of the few good jobs one can get and raise a family on. It is the lack of other good jobs in this area that is leading to the downfall. People have no good jobs to even apply for around here, and a lot of people just would rather stay on welfare than work a minimum wage job because they make out better. People have no money to keep up their property so they are falling down, and slum lords continue to buy cheap housing. It's a vicious cycle, and it is only going to get worse.