Bums have won

It isn't Obama, conservatives or whatever ruining this country. It's all the bums living off the system who think the rest of us should work menial jobs that they are too good for or don't pay enough for their lifestyle. They feel entitled and better than the rest of society. If anything, they should be thanking us instead of looking down on us. They need to learn someone earns that money for them, and they don't deserve a charmed life. They need to remember this country was built on hard work, and making a life for yourself, not expecting others to do it for you.


You are correct; that gentleman did put booze and drugs into his own hands and made many mistakes. The police charged him and the magistrate put him in jail in lieu of bail. He was admitted to the prison where he was stripped of all freedom, at which point, the county says, "We are now responsible for you since you can't be," and they failed at their duties as well.


I think all of the United States congressmen should take a 20 percent pay cut. That way we will save money. Frog's take: This will happen when swine sprout wings.

Never give up

I would just like to say thank you to the young people that have come to Shamokin to do work for the elderly and underprivileged. They ran into a whole lot of trouble in my place on Monday when they first started, but they never gave up. They are good kids, God bless them, and have a safe trip home.

What a maroons

If Obama voters are morons, then why isn't Mitt Romney president?

Great job

I am calling to congratulate the VFW team of Mount Carmel for winning the junior world series this year. They worked really hard and they did a great job.

Rocket brigade

United Nations have decided to investigate Israel, not Hamas, who fire rockets at civilians and targets Israeli airliners, uses U.N. schools to store to store rockets that are then aimed at Israeli schools, uses civilians as human shields and gathers women and children around terrorists to stop Israeli attacks.


Frog, I agree that you cannot measure some things by dollars and cents, but 20 to 25 percent of $750,000 is a pretty good measurement.