Someone else's shoes

Can't afford to live on Social Security - $488 just doesn't cut it - and I don't want to be on welfare, another thing people complain about. I hate having to work at 66, but I have no choice, so before you make stupid comments, find out first what people's situations are. At least I'm working; I wish I could stop working. Walk in someone else's shoes.

Take a look

Has anyone been watching the real estate title transfers listed in The News-Item ?

Working man

Before I retired at 62, I spent six months training my replacement. That person quit within a month, and my boss asked me to come back and train a new hire. That one didn't last long either, and neither did the next one. They were all amazed at how much work was involved, because to the outside world, all I do is "sit at a desk and collect a paycheck." I really want to retire, but I will have to wait for someone who wants a job, rather than a position.

Make a comeback

I just read the article by Mr. O'Neill. All I can say is, please, sir, come back home and teach. We need people like you. When you read all the ignorant comments that are sure to follow, you'll understand why.

The sword

Out-of-area slumlords have been buying marginal properties at tax sale. It is a double-edged sword that makes everyone except our neighborhoods happy.

Quick and to the pointless

The county gets paid their back taxes and the landlords get paid directly from HUD for their subsidized housing rentals. Who rents them? Well, never mind that. I tried to "Google" the mysterious holding companies and LLCs who are buying, but they succeeded in remaining anonymous to the inquiring eye. Everyone likes to have low real estate taxes, but the way that our area is being targeted for quick bucks is depressing at best.

On the loose

The demons are loose. Be careful, they will get you!

Coming through

Joe Snedeker is coming through on July 23. That is not fair, I have to work that night. God, I wish I was on welfare. I could have it all.

Disturbing the peace

I finally got to sleep after the young people left the city municipal parking lot at 1 a.m. Wednesday morning, July 10. This is an event that takes place several times a week and is located about 100 yards from the police station. Will the chief of police and mayor of Shamokin answer this question: Why isn't anyone cited for disturbing the peace and breaking the curfew law at this particular location?