Hit locally

It is a shame that Obama announced Wednesday that he is issuing strict regulations on the coal industry that will be shutting down many of our coal burning power plants, and we will not be able to build new coal burning power plants. It is going to effect the coal region here tremendously.

What's in a name?

This is about same-sex unions. I thought about for it for a long time and so have a lot of my friends. I have friends who are gay and this and that. Why doesn't the gay community come up with their own name for their union? Marriage by the church and dictionary is a man and a women. Why not find your own name for the union?

Best one ever

I am calling about Jenna's column. That was the best thing I ever read in all my life and it was so true. Thank you.

I appear missing

Where in the hell was the sewer authority? They should have been here in the Fifth Ward manning the pump near the creek. People were getting flooded. Somebody needs to be held accountable for this. They knew it was going to rain, so they should have been prepared. What good is the pump if nobody is using it? Thanks for nothing. Frog's take: They probably expected it to work.

Little bandits

Does anyone know who can be contacted locally to deal with a raccoon problem in the city of Shamokin? They're a nuisance, destructive and a health hazard to humans and pets and are considered wildlife. Any suggestions?

Rightly deserve

This is to the really cheesed off guy who is mad at the Republicans about disability: Nobody, but nobody is complaining about disabled vets getting disability. The complaint is about the fat, lazy, white and black trash and any other ethnic group collecting disability when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. You must be an idiot to think that anyone would begrudge any of our disabled veterans from getting the benefits they richly and rightfully deserve.

Decisions, decisions

So in the eyes of the Catholic Diocese my wife and I are in a meaningless marriage because we made a decision not to have children. Sure, the Catholic church would like us to breed more fodder for their priests shenanigans, but who a person marries and how they conduct their personal life is no one's business other than one's self. That's why my wife and I have also decided to be ex-Catholic.