Whose fault?

Frog, I am so tired of reading comments from Obama's followers about how rich I am. You see, I am a Republican and make a million dollars a year - well, maybe not a million dollars a year - actually, considerably less. It simply amazes me what a great job Obama has done to convince his followers that all the problems today are caused by Republicans. Anyway, maybe a Democrat can answer a question that has bothered me for years. Why do hot dogs come in a 10-dog packs and buns come in eight-bun packs? Please don't let any Democrats tell me the Republicans caused this problem.

Errant dog

This is for the person on North Oak Street at Railroad who is letting his dog do its business in front of our mailbox or on the street. The neighbors just installed a camera; you will be seen. Please clean up after your dog or keep it on a leash. We don't want our mailman tramping in your dog's dirty doo.

Let them do it

Shamokin's football schedule consists of 10 games. If I'm not mistaken, there are nine school directors. Maybe each one of them could take a turn at being a coach for one of the games, and then the athletic director or principal could take the 10th game. It seems these people know how to run the football program better than a head coach. Let's try this and see what happens.

One percent

Raise taxes on the one percent so Obama can give it to his favorite one percent. Hollywood got big money for their support. Do you think people will wake up? Don't bet on it.

Kulpmont workers

I'd like to say thank you to the Kulpmont Borough workers. They do a fantastic job every year. I just called about a big snow pile at the end of 15th Street by Route 61. It was removed within the next day or two. They are on the ball.

Boot them out

About the call, "No rent," which says that a lot of tenants do not pay their rent, but landlords have to pay their heat, sewage and water. Why can't we go back to the old days? If you don't pay your rent in two months, I'd boot them out on the street. Teach them some hard lessons about responsibility.

Call the doctor

Dear Dr. Frog: Make an appointment for me, for I have a complaint and it never gets printed. I'd like to find out what my problem is. If you have a physical problem, call a doctor, I was told. Give me a couple weeks and I will call and make an appointment. I've got a real one.