Why do car manufacturers keep putting more and more technology into cars that the average person does not need? It makes the cars much more expensive than we can afford. They should cut out some of the technology and make cheaper cars.

No shows

This is for all the callers who are complaining about Coal Township raising taxes. When was the last time you attended a meeting? When was the last time you checked to see what a commissioner's position was on an issue? Keep electing the same people like you have been and you are going to keep getting the same results.

Smooth sailing

With all of the back-stabbing being done at City Hall, especially against Mr. Bartos, isn't it ironic that Mayor Rozinskie can sail off into the sunset unscathed? He was the mayor. The buck should have stopped at his desk. I'm sure city history will show how out of touch he was with his constituents. How sad is it that he can now wash his hands and walk away scot-free.

Doctor, doctor

I would like to know who Steve Bartos' doctor is, because I would like to go on worker's compensation.

TV blackout

I am at the mid-rise in Mount Carmel. We have what we call a community room where there is TV, shuffle boards and pool tables, and all the men have to do is to come down and watch football games together. We have had no TV for over a month already. Management keeps on blaming corporate. It doesn't cost that much money a month to have the TV hooked up for the men. Come on, management, let's get something done up here.

Great girls

I would like to pass out lots of kudos to Family Medical here in Mount Carmel. We have one heck of a group of girls. My girl even dressed up as Santa Claus, and they passed out gifts to all the elderly girls. I am sure all the other people agree. You hear nothing but good results for all of them. Keep up the good work.

The way it is

My favorite column besides Sound Off is Greg Maresca's. He makes a lot of sense, contrary to what one of your Sound Off people said. He tells it like it is.