Frog, who in the world figures out that the number of chicken wings eaten on Super Bowl Sunday would stretch from San Francisco to Baltimore 27 times? 49ers fans will be eating raven's wings or crow. Frog's take: Either way, Ray Lewis is going to mug for the camera, cry a whole lot and do his fruity dance. Go Niners!

Two of a kind

Kaleta and Knapick are two of a kind. Both with too much free time on their hands. If they put their energy in the workforce, their picture may be in the newspaper for something positive.

Early bird

I was watching the birds eating at my bird feeder here in Coal Township. As I looked closely, there was a robin. I never saw one in January before.

Different tune

This is in response to person in Sound Off saying that the Republicans are making a big issue of the Benghazi attack. As they should! There were four Americans killed. If that was one of your relatives, I am sure you would be singing a different tune.

Which came first?

This is for the Constitutional scholar Kenn Splitt and his statement about the Second Amendment being of lesser importance than the first. If it weren't for the Second Amendment, we may not have the first.

Beneath the wheels

Only in Mount Carmel would you have neighbors in their 50s big enough to play in the NFL peeking out their windows and hoping the neighbors in their 80s would be their shoveling snow off the sidewalks because physical work is beneath them.

Isn't that special?

I wonder why charges were dropped by police for a person with a unregistered vehicle and an expired inspection. Either he did it or he didn't. Is he special?

Mr. popularity

I think the president of the United States should be elected by the popular vote and do away with the Electoral College.

Used and abused

This is in regards to Kenn Splitt's letter to the editor. The right to free speech you can use or abuse. When you yell fire in a theater you have abused it. You want to limit the Second Amendment for people who didn't abuse it.

Conscience needed

This is for Greg Maresca. You go, Greg! We need your conscience in this area at this time. We are glad to hear what you have to say.

Parked in

I go to downtown Shamokin to shop. I come out and I have a ticket on my car because I went over the time on the meter. Going home I ride up to the intersection of Shamokin and Spurzheim streets and there are four cars parked illegally.

Neutron dance

The right-wing Republican Party needs to neutralize the Tea Party.

Stay out of it

I see they hired a new coach at Shamokin Area High School. The only problem is the school board won't stay out of it and they will bring all those coaches back that should be thrown out.

Heavy metal thunder

Bobby Darin, not Rick Nelson, sang "Dream Lover," but I will add "Games People Play" by Joe South to Chuck Souders' list. For you, Frog, what was the first song to have the words "heavy metal" in it? Frog's take: I believe it was Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild."

No relation

To the person in Sound Off who said about the son turning against his mother. First of all, it is no relation. His dad married her and he has nothing to do with it. Second of all, how would you like that stink outside your window on a hot summer day? You better live it before you complain about it.