Love letter

I have been able to use the van to get to my doctor appointments at Geisinger. I received a love letter that said I am no longer qualified. I am in my 70s, can't drive and I have been able to use the van for over 15 years. Now they are putting schedules on a website and not all of us have a computer. What happens to us? We are left by the wayside.

Grant money

Does anyone think that Vinny's reaction to a county employee's family getting grant money to pay their bills would have been the same if it hadn't been one of his closest friends? If it was anyone else Vinny would be raging like a lunatic and threatening to fire them.

Time to go

How many years have we been in Afghanistan? How many lives have been lost? How much money has been spent? How many years have we been training the Afghan soldiers to stick up for themselves? We are worried about leaving and that they weren't trained good enough to fight. Come on, how long can we stay there?

Oh, right

I really enjoy all the Penn State fans calling in to make fun of Notre Dame for losing the national championship game. I hope you guys lose all the bowl games you are going to be playing in the next three years. Oh, wait a minute...

National Guard

Everybody is getting all excited and protecting our kids in the schools. There is one solution nobody ever came up with: The National Guard. We have the best trained people in the world in the National guard. Put a couple of them in each school and your problems are solved.

Sharp increase

Now that PPL needs so much money for repairs and we, the customers, will pay for this by a sharp increase. Not only the residential customers, but commercial and industrial. The residential customers gets all of it. The commercial and industrial customer passes the increase on.

Sharp shooter

Why I carry a gun: I'm too old to run. I'm too old to fight, but my aim is still sharp, and I value my life.