Take heed

I hope the person who dumps the snow by the Shamokin Creek at the Shamokin swimming pool takes heed of the city's ordinance on illegally dumping snow, because the next snowstorm we have, I will be on the phone with the code enforcement officer and have him fined for it.

Ruff retirement

I wonder if Reiner's dog is entitled to a pension?

Hood rat

Christie throws a huge political career away by acting like a small-town hood.


I read your article in The News-Item about the Zerbe Township reorganization meeting and I saw that we have two part-time police officers. I was wondering if somebody could tell me where they are?

Do not call

Mr. Frog, you are a very smart man and I enjoy your column and you have helped a lot of people. Can you please tell us how to get rid of these nuisance phone calls. If we wanted these people we would be calling them. It is so heartbreaking for the older people. Frog's take: Well, I don't know for sure how to stop them, but next time they call ask them to be put on their do not call list. Also, there is a website, DoNotCall.gov, where you can get your phone number put on the National Do Not Call Registry. If you don't have a computer, find a friend or family member to help you.


Vinny Clausi sure knows how to ruin jobs.

Zero the hero

Cheers to the Central Columbia school superintendent who knew the arctic vortex wouldn't keep students at home on an off day and most would be in their flimsy hoodies going to the malls and doing outside things, like skiing in below-zero temperatures. There actually were some target shooters out that afternoon for a couple of hours, believe it or not.

The feds

This is in regard to Shamokin's fiscal mess: Why isn't anybody criticizing Mayor George Rozinskie? He oversaw everything. This happened under his watch. I agree with Mr. Hall 100 percent. There needs to be a federal investigation.

Street trees

I am just wondering if anybody is going to pick up the Christmas trees in Mount Carmel. I thought last year they said the borough stopped picking them up. I see trees all over the street.

Better things

Seriously, people, I think law enforcement has better things to do than worrying about your phone calls about your next door neighbor's dog, even though the dogs are fine, just because you are mad at your neighbor. If you have an issue with an animal, call the humane society. Leave the police department to do things that they really should be doing.