Elephant talk

Sen. Toomey has voted down every Democratic proposal since he has been in office. Then they talk about partisanship.

God's creatures

Good article, Jenna, about the cats. So many poor cats running out in the cold and people try to hurt them. They are God's creatures. How can people hate them?

Four of a kind

They say a person only has four true friends during their lifetime. I doubt that.

Misery loves company

Congratulations to all you seniors who voted for Obama. Now if you need an operation and he thinks you are too old, well, just suck it up and suffer. Now you can ask your doctor for medication to put you out of your misery. Now Obama wants to register your guns so your government can confiscate them. Sounds like Nazi Germany to me.

Snowy conditions

I am a nurse who works a 3 to 11 p.m. shift, and I got home from work safe and sound last night thanks to all those hard-working people in those big yellow trucks. Thank you, PennDOT, for a job well done.

Man up

This is in response to Dr. Kraynak's court battle. Just please man up for your mistake and stop wasting taxpayer's money.

Pathetic thieves

This is to the thieves who stole the big-screen TV and the Wii game from the Shamokin-Coal Township Senior Action Center. The Super Bowl is over. Bring the TV back. Do you realize you stole that from grandparents? Shame on you.

Problem parking

To the residents of Den-Mar Gardens: When you see the snow start to fall, please park your vehicles in your garage or in your driveway. It is a nuisance to The News-Item carrier and postal service, and the plow driver can't do the job he would like to do. When we first moved here, the rule was no parking on the streets.

Three fold

While reading The News-Item, I read the section on Mount Carmel code citations. It will have a three-fold positive effect. It lets residents know something is being done, alerts other offenders to clean up their properties and penalizes those who are littering the community.

Can't afford it

I see the socialists are calling to complain about fiscal responsibility. Corbett, Marino and Barletta - keep doing your good work. We cannot afford to go bankrupt.

The best way

After reading Saturday's article about liquor privatization, I believe there should be no license required, except for that which is required for any other business. The state should just get out of the liquor business entirely and let the market support itself. Privatization is always the best way.