Change of office

The tax collector should run for mayor. Then he could put Mr. Matulewicz in his place.

Police protection

To the residents of Zerbe Township: There are 168 hours in a week. The police are only allowed 30 or 32 hours. Who is supposed to protect us the other 130-some hours? If he can't have the hours, how can he do his job? The supervisors need to spend the money on police protection, instead of matters that don't pertain to them and wasting our money. We need police protection.

Handled badly

About moving on from the bubble gun incident: I agree. I think it's time to move on from this circus, as I would call it. I think the Mount Carmel Area School District handled this very badly. This was a 5-year-old. She has not reached the age of reason.

Paying lawyers

I am calling about Northumberland County. Are the people stupid in Northumberland County? If you work for the county and you have a problem, you can sue anybody. You don't have to pay for your lawyer. You should pay for your lawyer, not have the taxpayers pay for it.

In the home

I am calling about everything in our school district and the schools all over. A child is going to carry over what they are taught at home. It's just a shame that honesty is not something they are taught today. They really need to teach kids honesty and goodness, because there is certainly a lot that is wrong in the world.

Rock on

Thanks for the magic carpet ride through the halls of Sound Off, Frog. As a rock 'n' roll trivia buff, your info was greatly appreciated. It did "Rock Me," which was the band's last of three Top 10 songs.

R.I.P. Ed Koch

Ed Koch, former New York representative and mayor of New York City, was a cordial, courageous and honest politician. He was a man of conviction, an outstanding member of the Jewish community who spoke out against anti-Catholicism, anti-Semitism and any other kind of bigotry. He was a wise "people person" and a loyal Democrat. He made it look easy because of his dedication to New York City and its people, which New Yorkers of all political parties respected.


I'd like to thank whoever was driving the cab - I think it was Cab No. 4 - who stopped and helped my mother when she fell. A big city cab would never have stopped. Thanks to whoever was driving.