Cruise ship

I'm just thinking out loud here, but it seems to me that cruise ship, "Triumph," should have been impounded right where it was. They acknowledged that the ship had been plagued by other mechanical problems in the week before this catastrophe. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) should have boarded the ship to begin their investigation right when it first docked. Isn't the NTSB another one of those agencies the tea people wanted gone? Tell that to the thousands who were trapped on that hell hole and will now require the documentation needed to sue.

Small thefts

I just read in Sound Off about a person getting arrested for a $1.37 cup of coffee. They're getting a little ridiculous now. I thought they were bad before when someone was arrested for a stupid candy bar. I am 74 years old. When I was a kid, I would have been arrested 12 times for taking candy bars. Why can't they just throw them out of the store? This is ridiculous. I thought I heard it all.

Sewer authority

I am calling about the article about the sewer capital upgrades. We should get rid of the sewer authority and let the federal government run it. It would probably be a lot cheaper.

Pay $20 more

The Shamokin-Coal Township Sewer Authority should be more like the Kulpmont-Marion Heights Sewer Authority. If they need an extra $20 a month off each customer, just add it to the bill. That's what they do in Kulpmont. You need new people on the sewer authorities in Shamokin and Kulpmont.

Foreign aid

I am reading that Congress is going to cut appropriations for defense spending. I think they should immediately stop sending money to foreign countries and take care of our own security.

More on cuts

Reaction to "cut rates": The Republicans will cut the rates, but did you hear Nancy Pelosi say that Congress is too dignified to take a pay cut?