Wink and a smile

I love that article about women in the paper. I take it a man wrote it. He is one guy I would love to meet and I am a woman. I tell you what, I'd much rather go around and have fun with a man than I would a woman. Because when you are done with the women, they go home and you think that, oh, they are probably calling up their friends and making a jerk out of you and everything else. Men tell it like it is and they can give you a wink and a smile, and I love it.

What a mess

Well, here we go again in Mount Carmel Township. The town is a disaster area, the sidewalks not cleaned off and nobody is doing anything about it. We are going to be like Shamokin. When you spend all your money for the police, there is no money to go around for anything else.

Burning through

Congratulations to the Line Mountain School Board. We now have two nice empty schools, millions wasted and now an oil leak and a cleanup. They are really going through our taxpayers' money.

Ms. never misses

The girl who delivers the paper on Diamond Street is the best girl that anybody can ever have. She never misses a day and she is here early in the morning no matter if there is rain, sleet or snow. She deserves a lot of credit.


Cheap, cheap, cheap Weis. I do not plan to read my circular in the store. Bye-bye, see you at the Walmart grocery store.

Strong words

Weis stores, I strongly recommend you restore your circular to the Sunday News-Item. You have two stores in the area. Shame on you!

Cherry bomb

I am calling to complain about the Mount Carmel Borough because they refuse to plow my street. I live on Cherry Street between Oak and Hickory and they have only plowed this street once. Now they are refusing to plow. They plow every other street with cars parked on them, with sidewalks and everything. I wish they would stop hiring their cronies and get someone who is an experienced plow driver.

Bad service

I don't know what's going on with these restaurants in Shamokin. I went to two restaurants and the service was lousy. I don't understand it. The waitresses wait on the people they want to wait on first - their friends. Frog's take: When that happens, you should ask to speak to the manager in charge. He/she would probably want to know that. Calling Sound Off may allow you to vent, but it doesn't do one darn thing about solving the problem.


I'd like to thank the post office and UPS for delivering my medication on time in this terrible weather. I live on South Walnut Street in Mount Carmel, and my neighbors have been wonderful. They have been cleaning off my pavement and my car. I love them all.