Suture up future

Why in heaven's name would Shamokin city council expect a judge to approve an $800,000 loan to pay over 10 years to get through this year? What about all the years coming up?

Going up

What is wrong with this government? If they raise our gas prices 30 more cents a gallon, don't they realize the food will go up, the lights will go up and everything will go up because of the trucking, because they have to pay for the gas? What are the people supposed to do?

For free

It cost $1 billion to get the failed Obamacare online. IBM offered to do it for free. What does that tell you, Obama lovers?

Sorry about that

I feel sorry who those who are relying on "Obamadoesn'tcare" to work because the website debacle is the tip of the iceberg. If you lack insurance due to pre-exiting conditions, your other extraordinary circumstances can best be met by a precise targeted program that doesn't result in the federal government seizing one-sixth of the economy.

Funny farm

Funny how Bartos' wife isn't on the list of debts owed by the City of Shamokin.

Scoop city

They need to incorporate a "poopetrator's" program in Kulpmont. All it requires for a walk of your dog is that you carry a Walmart bag.

Wishing well

Here I go wishing again. I would just love to see a Big Lots store go into that old Ames building. Is Walmart scaring everybody away?

Just who?

The conservative platform touts individuals' responsibility. Their current campaign is to reach as many as possible and convince them to remain medically uninsured. If their nationwide campaign is successful, who do they think will pay for the uninsured, who will be responsible for their care and who will be the first to call the medically uninsured "takers?"

Fork it over

The donations to the food pantries and charitable organizations this year are down because the working people are just so happy to generously give all their money to Obamacare.

Breaks my back

I am a Democrat and I am tired of the people on food stamps and welfare. Whether they vote or not, it is time to get off the taxpayers' back.

Early present

I would just like to thank Gov. Corbett for the early Christmas present and wishing us a Happy New Year with the rise in gas prices. He is breaking the average working person in the state of Pennsylvania with the new gas tax he is imposing upon us. What a joke!

Sign of times

It is so interesting that the people encouraging young people not to sign up for affordable care are signing up themselves.