Nice tree

I just want to say, it's a nice tree in front of city hall. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Oh, deer

About deer hunting: It is time to leave the doe alone. There are more hunters than deer. I hunted for a week and didn't see one deer tail.

Worth a million

I went to see my grandmother at Serenity Gardens. Some lady goes around and makes walker bags and donates them to these people. My grandmother was so pleased with hers, you would have thought she was given a million dollars. I want to thank that woman very, very much.

In the sewer

In Mount Carmel, every landlord receives a sewer bill for each rental. If council wants to find the unregistered landlords, go to the sewer authority.

Picture perfect

The picture of fiddler Beverley Conrad on the front page of Sunday's Item was, indeed, picture perfect. What a lovely image she presented. Aye! A perfectly clad lassie if ever I seen.

Missing dogs

Hi, this is the Coney Island worker calling. My two English bulldogs are missing from in front of Coney Island Saturday at 3 p.m. The one has congestive heart failure and is very ill and needs his medication. If anyone picked them up, please call 933-0545. Thank you.

Broken record

Frog, Vinny Clausi keeps saying his record is so good. Well, it's a broken one. If Commissioner Shoch has allegations, I'm sure he has someone else to back him up. He just doesn't make them up out of the blue sky just to say things about Mr. Clausi. Someone should be held accountable for all this money in the county. Maybe someone should be impeached.

Stand up

I would just like to say congratulations to Mr. Shoch. Finally, someone is going to stand up to Mr. Clausi. Thank you, Mr. Shoch, and congratulations to you.


I have two words: Impeach Clausi.

Enough is enough

How much more burden are Clausi and Bridy going to put on the municipalities in the county? First, the decision to change the constables and now the upgrades to the 911 systems. Enough is enough.

Ego trip

I see Vinny is having a press conference. A press conference? He can't just make a statement? What an ego.

Two things

After reviewing the county salaries for the county, I have two things to say. First, nepotism, nepotism, nepotism. And second, what is a specialty deputy and why do we need one?