Fine mess

I think most citizens of this town, especially those who give a damn, know how hard it is for Shamokin, even under the best of circumstances, to get state or federal help. When we have housing authority members like Gerry Splane fostering controversy and animosity under the pretext of being helpful, it hurts the city. The police have been doing just fine keeping Raspberry Hill and the high rise safe long before Gerry came along, and will keep them safe long after he is gone. The job of an authority member is to make policy that can be verified. Do I hope the new city council replaces him when his term ends in January? Darn right I do.

If I had a car

I am the senior citizen that originally called about the man beating a dog in town park. If I had a car, I would ride around and look for him and report him to the dog warden. I hope they find him and put the dog in a decent home.

Worldly weiner

It doesn't surprise me that Frankfurter was calling for bloodshed. The Frankfurters of the world have always been calling for blood for centuries. The only thing is the blood spilled benefited he and his interests and it sure has nothing to do with freedom.

Weekly winner

In response to the "take, take, take" article in Sound Off. Guess what? You win my good parenting prize of the week and I mean that sincerely.

Stop shopping

I am so glad that some people at least are concerned about stores being open on Thanksgiving Day. I only wish that we would get more upset about stores being open on Sundays as well. There was a time when they were not. Also, in some states, stores are open on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday and have been for some years now. All this is due to the greed of retailers with the cooperation of the equally greedy shoppers who patronize them leading to an erosion of faith and family life. If you want it to stop, don't shop.

Data track

What a wonderful article. So much data gathering and so little doctoring. I hope every doctor at Geisinger and Geisinger Shamokin and every doctor in the area reads this article. How true it is. It has all come down to billing, the money they get and not the care of the patients.

Cat fancy

I was wondering if anybody knows where to get kitten mittens at? Online or something? Because my cat is making too much noise and his feet are getting cold. Frog's take: Kitten Mittens are great for cats that are one-legged, fat, skinny, or an in-between. The only place I know that has them is Paddy's Pub in Philadelphia.