Teacher selection

How is it fair when school teachers and staff get to choose their children's teacher for the school year? I pay taxes toward their paychecks and should have first dibs at the better teacher with the smaller classroom. I see nothing wrong with placing the kids in classrooms based on their learning abilities where all kids would benefit. Why is it considered discrimination for a lower-level learning student to be singled out and not when a higher-level student is held back by not getting the time and challenges they deserve?

LM position

I would like to clarify that although the AD/DS position was a replacement position, the previous AD/DS was promoted to middle school principal at a salary of $78,000, thereby vacating the AD/DS position. This position was filled from an applicant pool of 15 individuals and the vacancy was filled at a salary of $63,000. I am not sure if the public is keeping track, but the district doesn't have money to settle the teachers contract; yet, somehow, they seem to find money for additional administrators, frivolous lawsuits, someone to read gauges, etc. No raises for teachers since the 2010-11 school year; however, the administrators have received significant raises with retroactive pay.

Cause for smiles

The person called in and said the idiots standing behind President Obama are smiling. The reason they are smiling is Obama is president, not Mitt Romney.

Terror threat

Everybody, including our president, says we don't want to fight any more wars. We don't want to be involved in any more wars. We don't want to have boots on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan. Guess what, people. If we don't get planes in the air and boots on the ground against this massive terrorist group called ISIS, we are going to be eventually up the creek without a paddle. They say they are coming to get us. They are probably here already.

Delinquent taxes

Could someone answer a question for me? What do these people do who owe these taxes and their names are in the paper over and over again? Do they just pay a couple cents on it so they can get it off the sale list until the next time and they never have the taxes off like the rest of us honest taxpayers?

Touch of satire

The police in Ferguson look like stormtroopers. Male police will have to wear dresses so they won't look so fierce. They should carry roses instead of guns.

Bike trail

Take part of the $250,000 grant Shamokin is getting and spend it on a bike trail between Shamokin Street and Ranshaw on the old Pennsylvania rail line. It would be more beneficial than what else they are thinking about doing.

Post office

I want to call and commend the Shamokin Post Office. They are so friendly and helpful.

Gas prices

I was recently in Lewisburg and paid $3.27 per gallon for gas. In Shamokin, it's $3.42 or $3.45. Can someone tell me why it's so much less in one place than another?

Standing by

Evidently the caller does have a voice doppelganger, because it was I who called in response to the question on who the smiling crowds were. I stand by it, also. They are the village idiots.